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  1. When he speaketh fair, believe him not: for there are seven abominations in his heart. Proverbs 26:25 I just want to share this story. My best friend is gamer. When they have tournaments they would travel and usually stay at each other houses. Well she is friends with a certain guy and he seems nice a perfect gentleman and he is also very attractive. I don't know him personally but he came off as charming. So it's tournament time and she is going to stay at his house. I warned her very sternly before she left. I begged her "please don't do anything with this guy, the bible speaks about a person like him." She laughed. I told her the God doesn't lie. The word of God already called him out. Don't trust him. She went had fun. She was like he didn't do anything as a matter of fact he was the perfect gentleman. She went praising him how he let her sleep in his room and she didn't bother him at all. I was like okay. So a few months went by and she was like "guess what i found out?" Apparently that same gentleman have sex with both men and women and was in psychiartic care. He ended up posting on a gaming website everyone who he slept with. She was like "Good thing i listened to you, my name would have been right there." I was like "told ya!"(with a big smile of course). Out of all the verses of Proverb I remembered this one. It stuck with me. Please saints trust in the His word. God is not like man that he should lie. I don't care how good a situation is or bad. If it doesn't line up with the Word of God leave it alone. His word will come to pass. I know it is hard lets believe Him like never yet before!
  2. Good day everyone, I need some ideas for sunday school/children church. Our ministry is starting a children church for the first time. The kids are like 3-5. There are not alot of kids yet, only 3 so far, which are my to kids and my nephew. I have no idea what to do. I know the children ministry will grow and i want to be prepared. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. One day while I was in the wash house I was stopped suddenly and just heard like an inner voice saying to cut a coworker off. At the time I thought it was God. Minutes later my phone rang. This lady with an american accent was on the other end. She was like I am Lady Long. I was like ok. She was like "Do you know who I am?" I was said no. She said she was Eddy Long's wife. I was like Ooooh ok. So she told me that God gave her my number. She said that God want you to cut someone off. That freaked me out because I just was told to cut my coworker off. She proceeded to tell me personal stuff about my life and my family. So i really thought that God had sent her in my life. She called me off and on telling me things that happened in my life and what was going on in my life at the time. Once again I was in the kitchen stopped in my tracks. Go tell your sister that I know what is going on between her and Jason. Days before this I finally made peace with myself that nothing was going on between my husband and my sister. Now for this to happen I was shocked. It was this inner voice again. I answered quickly no God I don't want to cause any confusion. And that was the end of that. Couple of weeks later. My friend said she had a dream(lets call her Sue) Sue said she dreamt that i was showing my sister on a screen. I told her what happened to me in the kitchen and what i thought was the Lord telling me to go give my sister this message. I told her no. Weeks later who was to call me "lady long" saying that you need to go say what you have to say no matter who don't like you. So i went and told my sister. She was furious. The entire thing nearly tore my family apart. I don't want to keep rambling on I could take forever on this. Sue end was the one pretending to be lady long or she had one of her friends call me. I loved sue like a sister. Many strange things happpened to me while living with her. I never thought i would have been deceived as I was. I wish i can say what I want to say more clearer but it would be typing all night. I believe Sue was a witch or dealt up with witch craft i dont know. Some people say that she was sending spirits at me and my family. She has even told me before she knows how to tap into people spirit. I never thought anything of it. She knows her bible well she can speak in tongues and she attends church. She is a very generous giver. I mean she gives like thousands of dollars to the church. But it was like she was an sent by the enemy to ruin me. She loved my kids i think but hated me secretly. I don't know what to say. She pretended to be 4 different people. She had someone to lie to me and told me they saw my husband in and he wanted to kill me. This goes so deep it isnt even funny. I nearly gave up on my walk with the Lord after this. I thank God he didn't let go of me. I will be honest I am still confused a bit. But thank God he picked me up in my lowest moment. I don't know who to trust. I don't if she is a part of a cult. I have no idea. But one great thing that came out of this is that I want to draw closer to Jesus so nothing like this ever happens agains. Keep me in your prayers. Pray that I may be baptized with the holy spirit. Pray the my spirit eyes and ears are opened. Pray that the confusion leaves my mind completely. Pray that all my scars are healed completely. Pray that the enemy doesn't over take my mind. Please keep me in your prayers.
  4. My darling the good news for you that you serve the Almighty God. This is small things for the Lord. Remember do your best to smile even though u have this tumor. Give God thanks everyday. And thank him in advance for your healing. I just want to tell you a little story for encouragement: There was a child born with out a brain or barely none, but he survived. You know doctors and what they say slim chance of survival stuff like that. Do you know this child brain grew. He is a full adult now he graduated high school top of his class. True story. I wish i could find a video of this story for you. Just be encourage :)!
  5. Thanks, We have church like 5 times a week so u can imagine. I don't think my blood family like my (spiritual) family. Its a shame when it takes strangers to love and appreciate who you really are.
  6. Connie I'm going to take this and run with it. Tonight was the final draw with my family. I have made up my mind to cut them off completely now. But it is going to be weird because we attend the same church.
  7. Wow I am in the same situation. My kids are not allowed to go by mother place either (not at all). God commanded me to do it. It was not because of what any one has done, but it is because of the spirits lingering around the place. They can't even go in the yard. My mom is too spiritually blind to see the spiritual warfare around her. It was very hard for me and but i must protect and take care what God has given to me. It was hard at first but I don't want any spirits attaching it self to my kids which are 2 and 3. I wish I can go into more details about my situation but i will tell u this; Stand strong. Let go who u have to let go. They are your kids. Protect what God has given you. You will be held accountable. I know it is hard and stressful. If your mother gets angry at you or anyone wants to walks out of your life, remember that God will always be there.
  8. That was great really needed it! I will be taking this advice.
  9. I have heard about this cult thing that is going on in the music industry and i believed that he has joined. His music has changed and i noticed a change in him. I was like pls tell me he didn't give in. I pray that he is delivered from this. It is obvious that beyonce, jayz, especially rihanna, i do believe brittany spears is apart of it. Only Jesus can save these people. They have no idea what they have gotten themselves into.
  10. I love God I love to talk about God. I love going to church. But I feel like I'm lacking something. It's like there is no fire in me. I feel empty. I can hear God and I know his voice when he talks. And he request crazy things of me and I obey, but I still feel like there is something missing. I long for something. And it is killing me that I don't have it. I feel like i lack a feeling in my stomach for the Lord. I feel like I am useless and not worthy to do his work. He sees something in me I don't see and I wish i could see. What is it that I am longing for? And how do i get? I know that it is a feeling? I want when i read the bible that i enjoy and it becomes a need. I want the words to come to life. He has brought me from so far but yet my soul longs for something. As for the spiritual war fare part I have no idea what im doing. Because of my lack of confidence in myself i feel like i can't do it. I have recently been forced into it. I must learn how to do it. I have had supernatural attacks before but i just ignored them. I ignored the voices and the demonic physical attack.But now i realize this is quite important as a christian. Can some on give me a good book to read or any advice on spiritual warfare?
  11. I have good friends that aren't saved and that are not in church a lot, so i said to myself im going t make some friends that are firm believers. I met this guy in the wash house and we started talking about church. He was way older than i was too, but i didn't see anything wrong because he was a christian and felt like i could or should be able to trust a fellow christian. We started talking more just as friends. He started inviting me for dinner and over to his place. I didn't see anything wrong. Then one day he asked me a question on the phone that a christian man should not be asking. Before he ask me the question he asked if anyone was around me.I was kind of hurt because he was a christian and he wasn't suppose to ask me that question(a sexual question). I was really disappointed because i was happy about having a christian friend. I remember him asking me to come by his house i was like ok, but I didn't go because i was really tired. This guy called me 1 am in the morning mad at me and told me not to come around him anymore. I was like ok. He did call back a couple weeks later and apologize for his actions. I haven't spoken to him since. I am glad for the people that God has blessed me with now! True men and women of God.
  12. I consider a shaking a hard time in my life.
  13. The Lord is always by my side. He has never left me.
  14. Trust me I know. I'm going through something now and who i thought had my best intrest at heart has let me down. Family members are angry at me(mother included). I am doing whats best for me. So far only 3 people are standing with me.
  15. Please pray for me. I really want to over come my shyness. Its holding me back. I don't like talking in front of people. I'm afraid to approach strangers. How am I suppose to witness if I am too scared to approach anyone. Every time I go to pick up my bible to study and read a heavy spirit of sleep comes over me, for every time. The longest I have stayed up to read and study is 30 minutes. I am tired of being held back. Please pray for me to overcome these spirits.
  16. When God does a shaking in your life don't be dismayed or worry. It's a good thing. It exposes some stuff. You will find out who is for you and who is your enemy. It opens your eyes to plenty stuff. You will be surprised who will be left by your side. So don't be discourage or afraid when you are going through a rough time. God has your best interest at heart.
  17. shany

    Weird dog.

    I left work to get some breakfast one day and i felt like i was being watched, so I turned around and I notice this dog. I was like this dog can't be following me. So i continued walking. I got the feeling again. This time i caught the dog off guard. When I turned around and looked at him he looked away quick and acted like he was look for something in the bushes (no joke). I was like omg he is following. When he realised I on was on to him he just sat across the road waiting for me while I got my breakfast. I guess was taking to long for him because he began to pace back and foward. I was like ok i think he is waiting on me. As i crossed the road and began to walk back to work he got closer. he was like 2 steps behind me. He never barked growled nothing he just followed me. I stopped and looked it in the eye, nothing he just looked back. I literally shrugged my shoulder and continued walking. The dog walked me straight in the back of my work building to the door and waited until i got inside. Before i shut the door i looked him in the eye one final time. I guess i was expecting him to do something, he only looked. It was my first time seeing the dog. Another weird moment in my life -.-! But it is a good story to tell people!
  18. I can't even explained what i'm going to say properly because i don't know how to, but i will try so bear with me pls. I was in my room one day and i felt like this power turned on in the atmosphere. It felt more like a magnetic/electric shock. I know, how stupid right. But that's the best way i can describe it. It lasted like 5 seconds. I was like ok. It kinda shut my body down but not really. It stopped me in my tracks. The second time it happend i was a bit uneasy because i was ok this is the second time this has happend. I remember thinking "I am still alive". I can't explain this to every one because obviously people will think I'm crazy, but this is what happened. Out of all the things i have experience this one is the strangest. Can anyone kind of tell me what i experienced. My sister was like "maybe it was God annointing you". Well i hope so. Note: This was not in my mind i was not dreaming I was wide awake when this happened.
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