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  • Birthday 10/17/1983
  1. What bunnies did everyone get? Both of mine turned out to be mummies [was hoping that one would be a vampire] and my neighbours have all got mummies so far too...
  2. I finally caught one with a homegrown Halloween lolly. It took hundreds of goes...
  3. Nope, nothing for me. [shrugs] I never got the birthday cat either.
  4. Silly question; Which shop is this collaborative item in? I can't find it
  5. Yep. Mine is white, I'll dye it pink to match the others
  6. Hi. Are there any seals left? I've spent all my money trying to find a cruise set for my brother. Thank you xx
  7. The only thing I'm desperate for is the wig. I hope I have enough cc for it.
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