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Everything posted by Mands_xoxo

  1. What bunnies did everyone get? Both of mine turned out to be mummies [was hoping that one would be a vampire] and my neighbours have all got mummies so far too...
  2. I finally caught one with a homegrown Halloween lolly. It took hundreds of goes...
  3. Nope, nothing for me. [shrugs] I never got the birthday cat either.
  4. Silly question; Which shop is this collaborative item in? I can't find it
  5. Yep. Mine is white, I'll dye it pink to match the others
  6. Hi. Are there any seals left? I've spent all my money trying to find a cruise set for my brother. Thank you xx
  7. The only thing I'm desperate for is the wig. I hope I have enough cc for it.
  8. Mine is brown and called... Big Daddy. No idea why I plucked that out of thin air. I'll change it pink to match my tiger and lamb
  9. The mystery items aren't exciting, but the free gifts are cute xx
  10. Can I have 17 please? Sent a 999, but forgot to put a message [It's a chiuaua with Mexican hat plushie]
  11. I was up 'til 1:30 getting one for my brother and one for me. I'm so pleased that I managed to get my brother's for him.
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