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  1. I finished all four of the digging stuff. I have the trophy room, dinosaur, egyptian mummy and the yard decorations. I'm completely done with that. That is, unless they start a new 'project' with the digging.
  2. I am done with the digging, so I don't need anymore energy. I'm now asking for tokens so I can get new dyes.
  3. Hey Lucky, do you need a Scottish fold? I have one in my hotel, she's purple and quite pretty. I also have yellow persians, one in room 5.
  4. don't worry, my rooms are full. I need to get to level 75 so I can have more space. Hehehe.
  5. Y'know, I can really see where you're coming from on this now. I logged into the game and now they have speckled eagles. It's really getting out of hand. I don't mind them wanting cash for the eagles, as they aren't my favorite pets, but that can be a bit off putting for players who may like them. Of course, the more they put out, the quicker regular players will get them. Look at what happened with the persians and the Scottish Folds. They were a novelty and now they are all over the trader. Give it a week and you'll have the pets you want. Some of my friends are even asking for dyes and lenses for some of their pets. I'm just waiting. Soon the hoopla will die off and people will be getting them for nothing. Happy Pets and its trends seem to go like that.
  6. I only buy the animals I really like. I don't do the 'keep up with the Joneses' I just enjoy the game for what it is. Eventually all the animals end up in the trader and people have choices of what to adopt. I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. I am breeding wolves, and if anyone wants one, just post here.
  8. Maybe you'd get a Peruffy. I did get a male, pink, named him Abers.
  9. These pets are really pretty. I was surprised that I liked them as much as I do because Persian cats always look like they ran into a wall. I bought one (a female) and am hoping to breed her with other persian cats so I can pass on offspring to my friends. I don't intend on buying a second, but if I do it will be a male, and pink. Hahaha. Love the fact that Happy Pets has so many pink male pets.
  10. I have now several lions and tigers. I even got a pair of glowing leopards (with green glow) and today I found out I won a glowing big cat from a blessing contest. I will definitely be breeding and offering offspring to folks here. Oh yes, and I finally got some random bears, so I will be breeding them as well once they are grown.
  11. I think now they have fixed the glitch. I have been getting blessings and the pets are emerging faster than before. Hopefully it will stay that way.
  12. I don't know how true this is, but you all may need to hold off of blessing people's baskets for a time. It is rumoured that the blessings add more time to the baskets as opposed to deduct it. I haven't really looked into it and don't really know, but this is a heads up, just in case there is some validity to it. I'll post back if I find out one way or the other. In the meantime I have posted 'don't bless' in my nursery. I don't get a ton of blessings so I'm not worried about it, but those who do a lot of breedings may wonder about it. I haven't the time today to research it, so if anyone does see something with glitches, then it may be a good idea to post them here so that other players will know.
  13. The pets are aglow at Happy Pets. They just released limited edition glowing pets and they look to be going fast. If you are into Halloween, these pets are really something. If you can't get them (credit issues), then not to worry. My friend Steffi and I each bought a pair, and we're going to be social breeding them. I'll be sharing some of my offspring with all of you once they grow up and start breeding. The yellow one is a female called Glow, and the green one is a male called Radioactive. I actually pondered naming my first offspring, Kryptonite.
  14. Cherry (the cat in my signature grew up) and I trained her up to a morph ball. Her tail turned gray, but she's such a cute fluffy ball. Six of the cats in my front room are now morph balls. Now I have a zilla offspring morph ball. Managed to capture two morph ball kitties at once: In the back is Will, and up front is Number 1.
  15. Hey Kokonee, I have two more fluffies for you.
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