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  1. Guys, I'm sorry that the forum has slowed down massively. It's something that can't be helped since most of our active posters either stopped playing PS, have moved on, or are spnding their time on Facebook. Little can be done about that. We have been trying to keep the forum going, but thimes have changed.
  2. I have been trying to check in, but the real world has been a bit on the insane side.
  3. It's been a while, I have been dealing with real life. One of the saddest things to happen is Davy Jones (the guy in the middle of my banner) passed away on the 29th of Feb. I was completely devastated. I am still sad. I've been a Monkees fan for over 25 years.
  4. Yeah, me too. It's been a crazy start to 2012. Hopefully things will get better soon.
  5. At my in-laws' place, so will have a quiet New Years Eve here. Tomorrow we go home.
  6. Hey Lea. So glad to see you here. Hope you and Miss Panda decide to stick around and post a lot here. New folks is always great and I think it's really awesome that you want to help us out here.
  7. Welcome to PSFC. Hope youz enjoy your time here.
  8. bringer of good luck??? Maybe a prayer or meditation. bringer of bad luck??? Easy, the telephone or mailbox. That's where most bad luck seems to come to.
  9. I have really missed everyone. Life has been insane and tomorrow it's going to get crazier...because (gasp), I'm aging.
  10. I subscribe to Teddy und Co (teddy bear craft magazine), Bär Report (another bear magazine that I am thinking about cancelling my subscription to) and Burda (sewing magazine with about 20 or so clothing patterns in each one). I have been subscribing to them for several years now. I sometimes buy a magazine on the stands about taking care of cats because I still want to get a cat. I don't read the yellow press at all (gossip about famous people).
  11. Thank you soo much Rocio. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.
  12. I have a Pettelgeuse Groom outfit to trade. I bought several and ended up with 3 of them. Hope someone can trade. The rag dolls remind me so much of the dolls my grandmother used to make. Hope someone can help.
  13. I so want the Rag Doll outfit, but keep getting boy stuffs. Have been sending them to Xavier or Zorro. Zorro is gonna look smashing as Pettelgeuse.
  14. As a whole, yuck. Individually the costumes are neat, the rest, am not so sure. I am deeply saddened by the teddy in surgery, though. It just gives me a dosage of the heebie jeebies. Being a long time teddy bear maker and a longer time teddy bear Momma...one word comes to mind with that item...ugh!
  15. I am so appalled by next weeks items I am thinking seriously about taking a break from the game. I find the items offensive. The teddy in surgery is not from any movie, it's just sick. I am gutted by the direction the game is going in. Not every one who plays is into that stuff. Ugh.
  16. You folks and your ponies. I haven't bought any since the dragons came out. I guess I got cured, but I like what I have.
  17. I am so turned off by the new stuff. I am not into this Halloween stuff this year. It's getting too gross for my tastes. I know a lot of people like Halloween, but where is the fun of the holiday. I am totally turned off by it turning gory.
  18. Welcome to the forum. Hope you have a lot of fun here.
  19. No I finally got tired of dealing with it, so I bribed him. What I hate is the Limited pumpkins can't be gifted. I bought six, ended up with three teddies (which I don't mind) two owls and only one cat. I was hoping i could trade one of the owls for a cat.
  20. In case you weren't aware, my husband (Mike...aka Xavier here on the forum) found out that he got the teaching job today. We are both exceedingly happy. I am going to get my resume picture done this afternoon so I can apply for a job at Build a Bear Workshop. Things are finally starting to look up for us. On top of that, I have started editing my book and will be hopefully getting that put together. I am so happy that this year of uncertainty is soon to be a history.
  21. I think all my savings just went for the LI for this week. I have decided to try and get those items even though I have a lightening room from last year. I think the rooms are a tiny bit different this year.
  22. If I don't see them, I go into a building or house and then come out again. I'm far too lazy to go too far to the right of the river.
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