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  1. items recived juke sent xx leaving rep now xx
  2. i was just going through some visits to find slonker has poped a message up saying ...... call 555-1069 and aks for billbo baggings for a freek on !! cheeky git .... i wonder who the phone number belongs to as thats a US phone number not a UK one lol
  3. will do hun have you managed to get on now? f/r accepted hun ill send once payment received xxx
  4. hun you have informed the trader and us mods so you all right xx i had issues for over 12 hours on monday GRRR
  5. braking news strictly dancer has quit get me out of here........ but dont worry she has been replace all ready with a chap..... im not spilling any more lol you will have to watch
  6. i think there is a lot we dont know.. what happens behind closed doors and all.. im just going to enjoy the program no team this or that from me lol unless its program related divorce is a horrid thing to go through i would hate to be either of them with the press printing lye's every day...
  7. I read this in the metro and had to laff... Katie Price has vowed to "punish" viewers for selecting her for an early Celebrity Jungle challenge bush tucker trial - by keeping her clothes on. the 31 yr old complained that the public had " got it in for her"... omg she ran close to going against hir word in the above video.... i have more material in my nickers than she had in that swimsuit lol
  8. hi hun it may be worth looking through trading forum as there are members selling CC they are just inundated with order so don't get to look through the looking for bored
  9. i have a n old juke hun for 4 x 4999 xx :winked:
  10. TUT TUT you bad boy my M , putting smut on our lovely forum
  11. this is not a member cheating in the game it is him showing off what he can do on photo shop .... he is well none for his art work.. i believe he was the artist that started the i killed the mayor serious of images about 4 months ago..... please don't shout cheerer until you have all the facts ...
  12. sorry hun but we dont alow links to other games.... so i have removerd it xx bb xx
  13. AMINA please check threads for recant trade's as trying to sell to high will mean you will not get a salel xx flgmer hun the moped was ae cash shop not shore if its still there... the easel and pallet are in sprat boxes re-sale to the shop for 999 if trading expect to pay between 2-3 x999 xxx
  14. all items recived and sent .. i have added you rep hun xx
  15. o poor little monster.. give her hugs for me hun xxx
  16. sorry hun i have promised it to mema.... but i will pm you if im lucky enough to get another xx
  17. OMG hun you did make me chuckle... it would be nice but looking at the bottom the max in 2000 per day !! but hay thats still better than the 50 100 500 1000 we get at the moment. it will prob be set up like weal of fortune with 1 x top prize 2 x next one down and the rest low.....
  18. yes hun you can i will hold on to it for you . i will send f/r just send items when your on and i will send over once payment received xx
  19. yep i found him 2 but yes still the puppy grrrr
  20. all recived thanks hun adding rep now xx
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