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Everything posted by MeganBoutique98

  1. I thought that too,,Mangoberri! It's so annoying,, Now i knoe why it kept going onto the share button ... :@:@:@ SO annoyingg! x
  2. Look please i would not like to buy it i was just starting it off! xx Sorry deaar..x
  3. Hey guys i need gold watches! THere are the things i have for sale...x Golden poo Cute blue basket Dark owl doll Moon rabbit doll Newcomer teddy Pink jello Prosperity plushie I will send first... xx Please i NEED atleast 1 gold watch hehe...x :PP All my love,, Meganboutique98
  4. Thankyouu all so much for your prayers for my wonderful grandad,, I appreciate it so much. Hopefully,, IT'S WORKED, Apparently this morning he was eating and sitting up. I'm so happy. Maybe our prayers have worked! But please, i do beg you to consider that he is not fully better yet. So please keep your kind thoughts and prayers coming.. Thank you my friends. You're ALL 's x
  5. Oh my gosh,, these are fabtastic! I especially LOVE your London room! x
  6. How much for daffodil basket? x
  7. THANKYOU everybody! You were all so kind Yesterday! And alosi is was SUCH a great idea! x P.S Thank you for everyone that prayed for my beloved grandad last night! x
  8. Congratulations Luckky! I guesss that eplains your name! x
  9. I ban Orik for having 1078 posts!
  10. Aww thank you all for the nice messages! I think he is breathing and he has a pulse? So let's just hope for the best yeaah??x All my love! Meganboutique98! x
  11. Stann! :'( I'm so upset and i think he collapsed! x
  12. Please people pray for my beloved grandad?? He is in hospital? PLEASE, let's hope for the best and no that the are watching over him.... x Thank you so much! I REALLY appreciate it! x
  13. I ban Kasijab cos The chick in her sig is adorable!
  14. Guys Polina is so kind! She is such an ,,, I acctually LOVE her! She's such an amazing girl! So sweet and kind! I'm sure all of you will agree with me on this! Please let's make her feel Special and dedicate this wonderful day to Polina! From all your friends at PSFC! xx
  15. Don't worry hun! We don't think youre a hacker! And don't quit because of some stupid hackers! Just like Lazar said earlier! Pet society has brought this wonderful family together!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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