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  1. Omg! Did they get away with it! Those slimy animal cruelty kids!!! It makes you want to cry! I Think all of us right now would just want to cuddle that poor innocent dog until it can regain it's happiness and start over! I hope your alright sweetie! Please hear our voices calling out The angles are watching over you dear,,, and we are a ll praying for good luckk!! Loads and loads and loads and loads and loads of big hugs, strokes and cuddles from us all! Meganboutique98......x
  2. It would be an honour if you would use Audrina! She would be practically famous! Thanks so much!!!! x
  3. I have been reading on another forum that they are fixing all the hacks!!!!! Not more fox's for 10X3333?? Hahahaha...x )
  4. Sasha that was SO right follow your heart!!! PSFC is not going to let anybody or anything get in the way of our dreams! Psfc,, let's all stay strong and do things the way we always did them! STAY STRONG STAY STRONG STAY STRONG! I love psfc! x Thank you all SO much for everything! Meganboutique98! x
  5. I wish you look dear! x
  6. Ames,,, You're so kind and totally right! I'm SO glad i joined this forum! You see, Without this i wouldn't of had rare things and all that but mostly, A great friendship with all you amazing people! Thanks so much to everyoneee!!!
  7. N'awww congratulations Lazar! I'm so happy to hear that it all went fab! Please tell your sister to take care and good luck for the future! x
  8. What happens if someone sent your friend a hacked item then the friend sent it to you? x
  9. It's so exciting to see what rooms people have isin't it? x
  10. N'awww thank you so muchh hun! You know, This forum is full of some REALLY nice people! WHo knew you would make so many friends here! I am so glad i joined and now i feel like a part of the wonderful family! All of you guys are fab! Thank you so much! x
  11. If i get some more i will trade with you for 25 or 30 hun! ?? x
  12. Not good?? It's fantastic! And to say you didn't have alot of time it's even better! Well done dearr!! x Aww thankyou your entry is awesome!!!!!!!!! , ooh everyone elses entries are great aswell!!!!!!!!!! Awww thankyou! And i know! Everybody has put suh great effort into there designes to make them as fabulous as themselves ehehehe,,,
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