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  1. 29 edit by smorkle: 76 ...we are counting backwards in order. please be careful. thanks!
  2. hi there. can you please provide a valid facebook link? it is a rule here at psfc. if you need help doing this, feel free to send me a message. i'd be glad to help Yup, it's valid now *-*
  3. Cool game!! It's loading now but thanks for showing the pics
  4. I haven't dug anything yet since Pet Society takes ages to load and I'm too impatient but I'll sure check it out when the server is faster
  5. I want to buy something but how am I going to send the payment in Pet Society?? *puppy eyes*
  6. OOh!! They're so cute!!! I'll go and take a closer look! I like Gilda
  7. I tried that and it was delicious!!!! Anymore mouth-watering ones?
  8. Okay, like the title mentioned, What do you like most about TWILIGHT? I like every part
  9. I can! I can read, write and speak. Anything for me to help?
  10. Thanks for the great advise, everyone. He saw an eye-doctor
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