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  1. Nah, not worth the price and I have no room for it, so even if it were cheaper or IS coins I wouldn't buy it.
  2. I love these vacation packages, best thing about this week's release It only ended up taking me 4 tickets to get all 3 (got an extra of the cruise package).
  3. I can afford it, but I won't be buying it. I'm not a huge fan of cars, and I'm sick of pink lol
  4. There hasn't been an official response on this as far as I'm aware but in my opinion they haven't been hacked. I just compare it to previous item hackings that have taken place (like the black cat), usually when it happens you can see the signs of it (eg. several people appearing selling large numbers of them in one go). I could be wrong of course but my vote's on rumour as well.
  5. I got two in my secret room, but it took me about 15 or 16 tries to get them both least they suit the room lol
  6. Really cool rooms! I have no spare rooms in my house so I tend to have to pass on new themes, including this one
  7. whoops, sorry for the late reply - thanks guys glad it made you laugh Mangoberri hehe I didn't think it'd be that noticeable but someone even made a thread about it in the RC forum once LOL
  8. they opened after the Mystery Item update I think *unsure* which I guess means it was done manually, and since the next update isn't due to go live til Monday and Easter was on a Sunday that's why we got them earlier. they're really cute though, especially the bird stand <3
  9. congrats I actually got a bit annoyed when doing my visits cos I noticed a lot of my friends had heeeeaps of eggs in their rooms and I felt bad for those who were still collecting but missing out, so I checked with people and then made a private friend's list and I make my Hideeni posts only available to that list.
  10. hehe *whistles innocently* 'Shallot' is an onion, not 'Shalott' but apparently lots of people get confused lol I never really thought about it until everyone started bringing it to my attention.
  11. picture: see avatar what's your pet's name? Ianta Jones when was your pet born? Nov 13th, 2008 what's your pet's favorite food? well, she's always asking for mooncakes. I'm yet to give in to her wishes. what is your pet's favorite room? any petlings? 3 cats (Caliban, Niko, Goodfellow), a dog (Tosh), a coyote (Jack), a tiger (Shere Khan), a lion (Kovu), and a lamb (Lamb Chop) who is your pet's best friend? I guess that would be Cutie and who is her/his soulmate? her petlings? lol what wig does your pet wear the most? she doesn't really wear one (has her own hair lol) but at times may put on the Nerdy Boy wig. what is your pet's favorite item? not sure.. my fave item is the cute chicken egg cup though. what was your first cash coin item? I think it was the exercise machine? maybe the transporter. does your pet have a current 99 project....? the cute chicken egg cups ...or a finished one? none finished! tell us someting more about your pet:umm.. she likes wearing the uniform dress and pro-fishing glove *nods*
  12. thanks for the welcome everyone! that'd be me! and I stand by it - not an onion in any way, shape, or form. @ lea75, ahhh is that what happened? I remember getting a PM about something happening but I was really distracted on the other forum at that stage. But yeah, since this was the only fan forum I could think of I thought chances were good I had the right place lol
  13. my pet was born November 13th, 2008 I was hassled for about a month by my friends to add the application and I finally gave in and haven't looked back. Neither of those friends play anymore, but I'm still going :mayor:
  14. thanks it seems friendly enough! just having a browse through now
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