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  1. Great entries everyone!! They are all excellent!
  2. I finally sent an f/r. I kept forgetting because this week was and still is very busy for me. I just got on PS today for thie first time this week to see what the new items were. So sorry.
  3. Chocolates sandy beaches or rocky beaches
  4. I forgot about the weekly items I was busy playing the other two dig sites. OOOOPPPPS
  5. HI May i have the green dragon that is next to the OMG painting? PLEASE? oh...and the green monster plushie with the three eyeballs and funny teeth Thank you so very much
  6. Didi1

    Good Morning

    I worked for a few hours and now i am home for lunch. It is really hot today, even hotter than yesterday, which was really gross. Everyone will be going to the beach again after lunch and will stay their until the sun goes down!!
  7. WOW! Thank you I just accepted your f/r this morning. I have a summer job and have been really busy.
  8. We have a lot of German tourists in our bay right now and they are all very happy Off to bed now...Kiki is kicking me off the computer..good night
  9. I'm not active in PetVille because i barely have time for Pet Society. I do wish that they would use some of the ideas in PV for PS..lol. Like occasional free cash coins, lots of animated stuff...and as far as i know...they don't make you spam the boards to get something you really want. I live in a small village so the sky at night glows with a million stars almost as bright as day. I am wondering if you are also lucky and live out of the city where you can enjoy the night sky
  10. Very cool I like the wallpaper you have in the background too.
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