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  1. if we wanna design sigs.... do we pm it to one of the admins in BAC?
  2. i once bought 13 boxes... and ate 12 pies.... ouh dear. i like the new eyepatches! but i wonder what the 2 new items... i just cant seem to get them...
  3. Shinigami likes her aqua blue anime wig ^^ and i hope i can get 70k soon, then i can afford to spend money on wigs. im gonna buy the light blue long ponytail wig..(wadeva its called)..to celebrate it XD
  4. welcome back chay! we missed u! (even though i don't know you much but..) its good to have you back ^^
  5. Shinigami's favourite clothes is... her...pink prom dress and the pure blue wedding gown...(maybe the purepink wedding gown as well but..) She would like to see more ANIME items =Dmaybe trees that grows edible anime doll...or trees that grows onigiri.... or even an onigiri hat XD or perhaps cosplay items like Katekyo Hitman Reborn's dying will flame hat.. or perhaps Hibari's Namimori High Uniform... etc. etc. ANIME RULES! XD
  6. my birthday is on... October. ==" it's really taking forever to come. i suppose i gotta have fun and the next thing i know is its october.
  7. whoops! i just noticed that my account is not at least 7 days old. never mind then.
  8. my new high score is 9888 =D this is one tough game @_@
  9. oh hun i dont know if you are classed as active yet you have the right ratio but you are here one day i dont know i will have to ask again someone from the staff. i will inform you when i will know im sorry ouhs ok, sure thing! ^^ well it doesn't matter if i cant get it, cors its only fair. ^^ bu yea thnx ^^
  10. ah i c. cool, but how do we know how long have we been in PSFC?
  11. mmm can i go for #22 again? (its getting late..gonna sleep...gudnight..zzz)
  12. me too... WOW... i want that spell book~!!! *thinking about harry potter(ah~ its such a nice book~!)*
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