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  1. add me in facebook for happy pets if you want =D I give pets too
  2. The fluffy ones are cute, I have just started to get some (I bought the purple and blue ones and bred out the ear markings to get solid ones! And I also have a calico one I traded for). Please feel free to SB to my fluffy cats - the solid ones are in room 2 and the calico is in room 4. Stasia, you are already a neighbor of me Anyone else, add me if you want! Lately I am mostly trying to breed tuxedo cats, completely solid ones, nearly solid ones with different tail, and calicos without stripes or spots... I am making good progress. Ultimate goal - tuxedo cats with various leg colors and random eyes... Also if anyone gets a tuxedo cat with matching mask please let me know if you will trade me it (or give me... saw some giving away without code yesterday but couldn't get it... because... got my first bear! it is brown and has panda eyes and I have no room for it in the house yet! must wait till I level up to put it out! Almost level 60!
  3. The best thing about training the happy pets cats is that often their kittens are born knowing tricks. The first pet I got from a neighbor was fully trained up to 250, and all her kittens have been born knowing her tricks!
  4. I have a bunch that do that ball trick! it's so funny, I love it. Then I also have some that walk on their front paws. I'm not sure which is better:)
  5. Leahfy

    new kitten!

    thanks everyone the kittens seem to like the clock too
  6. I am also looking for random pet offspring to adopt and I will have some to give away soon too
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