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  1. Now I am reading "The Bell at Sealey Head" by Patricia McKillip. It's a very sweet book. I definitely recommend this book. The writing style is beautiful and the story is fun and light hearted but still dramatic and engaging, and the characters are endearing and individual.
  2. mystery and fantasy classics? I can give recommendations! The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison Silverlock by John Myers Myers The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Rebecca by Daphne Dumaurier entire Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy Sayers (Gaudy Night, the tenth book, is usually considered the most classic and best one though, and you don't really need to read them in order)
  3. add me in facebook for happy pets if you want =D I give pets too
  4. I had a friend to fill me in on the chances of glow and changed color glow... at least for cats. about 1 chance in 10 of a glow when you breed a glow with a nonglow about 1 chance in 5 of a color change in the glow when there is a glow and you breed with a different color pet so you have about 1 in 50 chance of a shadow pet plus a glow rabbit being a black glow... maybe? but that does happen
  5. that is great! I would love a fluffy glow cat Stasia, I will send you a SB to a fluffy from a glow... tomorrow! if I forget tomorrow it might be the next day. I already used my SB up today. does anyone still need a glow cat? I got a bunch of glow baskets today... in a few days I will need to give away glow kittens... edit: also, does anyone have glow dogs to breed?
  6. I have a girl glow kitten now! also Yvette I sent you a SB for Starlight from Pierre the now adult glow cat such great neighbors
  7. I'm still working on trophy room too, I have all but the marble tiles, but I have not found anything in the last few days visits to the park!
  8. I finally got a glow kitten too and it will be grown up soon... I will send another SB this time with actually glowing cat so it might work better:) my kitten is named Pierre and he is just like Yvette's Radioactive except half the size
  9. that is my curse at having a common name ! I hope you did get at least one of mine, I think you did too, I think I remember seeing it at your house when I was visiting to bless
  10. now I am reading "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King I have read more than 10 books by this author I would recommend some of them but not others I think I would recommend "Lisey's Story" because it is really good so far. But you have to be comfortable with portrayal of characters who are not very sane!
  11. I think it just takes longer and longer to get enough xp to go to the next level. Low levels, they go by very fast. Then it slows down a lot around 50. I am now 61, it took about 8 days from level 60 to 61. (I have been playing 102 days, says the Free Pet star that gives Pandora and Arctic pets. I have played every day since I started!) The most xp I get comes from just feeding my pets. It also helps to grow the plants up, I think. For some reason, I do not seem to get xp from buying things - it says they give xp, but my xp number does not actually go up. Litter boxes at neighbor houses never gave xp, only coin, since I started to play happy pets. Playing with neighbor pets gives both, and blessing baskets gives xp but no coin.
  12. I got past 20 posts without noticing giveaways.. I just offered to give something so good thing I had enough posts:)
  13. here is some of the kittens you can choose? does anyone want one?
  14. Leahfy

    BIG Cats free!

    I have a couple I am going to keep a good long time - especially Montana the mountain of cat! because she was a SB with a mean neighbor who usually rejects em all 8D
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