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  1. Yes, tonight is the Eat me mushroom.How kind of them!=P
  2. Dont miss it you can get the Jungle Riding Elephant for only 1CC.
  3. Hahaha. Come on, its not that bad
  4. Yeah xD. It happened to me at first I thought I made the mistake, I bought another one and realized it was an error.
  5. Oh I forgot to put the link. Here in the NASA web is all the info
  6. Haha that's what my sister said! But I dont find it scary at all because I know the source of the sounds =P
  7. Haha yeah! I always have problems finding items in my chest and now i have to memorize the order again!
  8. Congratulations hun!! May your life be full of love and happiness.Wish you all the best.
  9. I laugh at pretty much everything, even at bad jokes =P. With the exception of bad comediants hehe
  10. Its been a while since I've came upon this and Im fascinated with it so I thought i could share it with you. These radio emissions were detected by Cassini spacecraft in Saturns orbit in 2002. The sounds are so eerie! Can you imagine how it would be like there? Saturns Emitions
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