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  1. I think Lin Yao wore the Platinum wedding tiara with the White Flavie dress and the Hermes winged sandals
  2. Hello Can I have these: 1*Happy Dolphin 1*Mayor Doll 1*Ancient Pets Wallpaper 1*Toxic Barrel
  3. Hi. Can you send me the Oriental Tiger and Snow globe ? I'll send and f/r.
  4. Hi Tromo3! Thanks for the warm welcome!
  5. Hey Urumiii! Let's be friends!
  6. Haha yeah that's awesome, I took a photo of my party and Hideeni was there, and he was a zombie too!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Funny Hideeni
  7. Happy, happy birthday to youuuuu~!
  8. Thanks Widuri Can I be friends with Miss all-Sunday too?
  9. Great designs everyone! I can't wait for the resuuuults~
  10. Hello! I'm also trying to reach my 20 posts Good luck to us!
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