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  1. Hi.. I just returned to the game after several months and have been missing lots of cool items and events!
    The Christmas wig dye table collab... I wonder if anyone here made it on time.

    If you do, would you kindly dye 2 of my wigs with the green and another 2 with the red dyes, please?

    Is the Christmas Wig Dye Table gift-able? If yes, how much would you sell for one?

  2. xiawyeong311 wrote:
    Anyone who interested in the Fizzy Fruit, kindly reply me for trading .
    Here each set of fizzy fruit is 4 x 999.
    Quantity Remaining of each set 25/25.

    While stock last.


    Hi is this trade still available I would want 2 of those seeds please
    I'll send you a f/r..

  3. My never will come true wish list:

    A Christmas Dye Table (so sad, it's long gone.. I missed all the fun events! T_T)
    Ice Palace Wig Dye Table

    I have no CC to spend :/
    I just want to share this broken-heart and regrettable feelings.

  4. esperia wrote:

    I did get bored multiple times. But I always get back to the game after a half year to a year break.

    Took me a really long time to actually get over with my boredom. I miss a lot of good events and cool items because of that >< Like the Christmas dye table collab. I really wanted one, but it's too late as for now T_T T_T ... how I regret all that.

  5. jennifer wrote:
    Hi everyone,
    Honey and I have an enormous amount of spare bundles/outfits that we don't need, so I am going to list them here to give away. You can choose one cc outfit for us to send you, or two regular coin outfits. PLEASE only request outfits that you do not have, or that you know a friend is looking for. DO NOT onsell them as that is unfair after you have got it for free.

    Pettlegeuse groom x 2
    Clever beaver x 1
    Pumpkin witch x 6
    Pumpkin prince x 7
    Charmed clock x 1
    Prince fairy x 2
    Flying pig birthday outfit x 2
    Grey wizard x 1
    White wizard x 1
    Pet eater x 13
    Oz prince x 2
    Royal guard x 1
    Royal wedding guest duke x 1
    Satyr outfit x 6
    Sea admiral x 3
    Bloody prom queen x 4
    Cannibal doctor x 8
    Cereal killer x 7
    Dream stalker x 4
    Folding metal man x 4
    Hotdog x 9
    Insane Alice x 2
    Silent nurse x 5

    Hello congratulations
    May I have 1x sea admiral & 1x pumpkin witch outfit, please?
    [let me know if my request is too much.. I hope those two aren't cc bundles >
    Thank you in advance, Jennifer!

  6. Tromo3 wrote:
    -Normal rules apply

    As I am quitting Facebook games, I will be giving all my items away. This giveaway would be different as you won't know what item you will getting. But some items have a questions, which will be sent through PM.

    Make sure your pot looks like this:

    Wardrobe- Page #(1-40) - Item # (It can be 1-14)
    Chest-Page # (121)-Item # (It can be 1-14)

    Maximum Chest Page number:117
    Maximum Wardrobe Page Number:40

    Hello, may I take part in this? congratulations

    I would like to have these please..
    Wardrobe Page 9 item #9
    Chest Page 9 item #1-9

    Thank you very much in advance. I'll be sending you an f/r (initials with Q Z)

  7. Ah okay! just let me know if you have anything you need. I'll try my best to help you out!!

    Lol you did nothing of a babble, sharing opinions and likes isn't bad at all. actually I'm particularly aiming for the OWO and LE plushies. I'll go with the punk rock plushie.. but are you sure on giving out your only one? in case you change your mind, tell me if you want it back XD

    (by the way.. You aren't annoying at all! take it easy, i talk a lot too at times! even to the most unimportant silly stuff >: ] )

  8. ya lol i figured it out after opening your picture album ^^
    thanks for offering! Well i was off from both PSFC and PS..and i do missed some LE items :/
    I didn't manage to get the things on Pets of the High Seas Week and Punk Rock Week.

    Do you have any extra Pirate Princess Plushie and Punk Rock Plushie?
    Let's do some trading! Are there anything you want from next week's event? I could get some stuff in return for the exchange! Or perhaps any items you missed so far? [ i might of have them] : )

    Yup I agree with you, Earon really is nice congratulations

  9. Aye, You're welcome congratulations

    I was looking through your profile for a bit... and discovered that you are a teacher! whew guess what, I had mistaken you as the person in your current profile picture (i thought you were still an elementary student at first)
    XD Thankyou!!

  10. elfinshadow wrote:
    Haha...it's never too late
    Thanks so much!! Would you mind too much if I sent you a f/r? I could always do with a few more good friends on PS Smile

    Yup okay, f/r is sent now! congratulations


    earon09 wrote:
    WOW Zane! your signature is great! you're so great in editing! rep added for it ^_^

    wew thanks, Earon!!! : ) im adding you a rep back! ^^

  11. BabyPeach wrote:

    Yes they are 2 333's!! U did get it right add me below so we can do the trade. Thanks for ordering from Ambi's gift Shop!! congratulations Its 2*333, the question above does not sound stupid you should always ask if its definite. Thanks!! -Ambi

    Okay friend request sent ! : )
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