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  1. Xavier gets apples (5 coins), strawberries (6 coins) or lemons (5 coins) in order to have some vitamins. He sometimes has free lunch (toast) at Sourpuss' house from her robot. Still he is hungry for the garden fruits.
  2. The only one liking it might be Xavier since he can sometimes eat food that is up on a table or even food from the trees. First, there are three fruits on a tree, Xavier has one in his mouth (makes four total in that garden). After he finishes off the fruit (yum yum, giggle), one fruit magically disappears from the tree. Xavier cashed in a 100 cc cash card that was a gift from a friend, but he will not use if until PS has fixed all those problems. Visiting friends makes Xavier very tired, all gets sluggish, so I need to refresh the game several times in order to do all visits.
  3. Xavier has the joke shop. Tiddly Winks gave it to him. He sent potions and stuff back to Tiddly Winks. She will send you some since Semeli is not on Xavier's friend list. Xavier does not like potions, they make him dizzy. He tried one by mistake and had to use the wash off drink. He does not like poo either, he is a very clean and shy pet. He would be embarrassed if friends would come visit and find poo in his house. So you can have all his poo potions.
  4. Thank you for the bird, Luka.
  5. Xavier got a very large moody ghost vegetable from a friend. I did not put any veggies back in the garden yet. Last time it fell down from the wheelbarrow while loading and Xavier ate it. The loading is a bit faster now, there are other symbols instead of paws, but the rooms still take time to load and items appear one after the other. It is just like Petville now. Xavier ate a golden wedding cake that was on the picknic table in his garden. The game still has some serious glitches.
  6. I beg to differ. It is anything but coke. I drink coke sometimes (not my favourite drink), but I cannot even stand the smell of Dr Pepper. Rootbeer does not smell as nasty, but I do not like it either. Coke has always been around here (people mix it with all kind of spirits or even wine - yuck), but root beer is unavailable. Maybe one likes it, when one grows up with it.
  7. Thank you for the wishes.
  8. Xavier is a very bashful pet and he is so embarrassed to see his female friends naked. He may not want to make any visits anymore at all. When his clothes did not load properly and he showed up with no pants, he would have forgotten his good manners and given the people at PF a slap. On the good side, this gives me more time to play with Abby on Petville. Is this what PF intended? I never liked that the rooms load slow when you visit friends and those stupid paw prints on PV, but now PS is much worse than Petville. I suspect that PF could no longer handle the load and bandwith from increased user base and increased items (more pets, more stuff in stores, people hoarding stuff in chests), so they changed it for their own benefit to spread out the load. I do not blame them for trying but for poor quality control and lack of respect for paying customers. Our household spends quite some real money for this game. Xavier used to like the special cc gifts from his sister.
  9. I will boycott Dr Pepper, then I do not drink it anyway. Yuck. I wonder what our Dr Pepper loving household members are going to do.
  10. Your advice was helpful. After numerous tries, Xavier finally managed 31 and got the silver trophy. Is is really nice to have some quality time with your pet that way. But my mouse finger now hurts. Xavier got hungry during playing, I fed him an apple and send him to bed.
  11. Xavier is a clean pet. He does not like flies and he does not like poo. He does not want to visit friends who have poo in their house. He is very afraid of stepping into it. It is tedious having to clean the pet so often. Xavier washes at night and in the morning he has another fly. Sometimes he washes himself, sometimes he has the robot at his friend's house give him a shower. Even if he could earn more coins cleaning dirty friends, he prefers to come into a clean house with clean pets and no poo.
  12. This game is made in Ukraine. Today an update happened. Now the gift giving limitation works as advertised. H-Jinx is bummed.
  13. If you still want the rainbow headphones, add me. Xavier does not like the headphones, too girly. He would gift them to you.
  14. Xavier played for quite some time today, but at most got 22 catches. He does manage to click on the ball, but it keeps flying and drops to the ground eventually. When this occurs, it will not help to click again on the ball before it hits the ground. Xavier has tried different browsers but to no avail. Is this a glitch? Did anybody get the silver or gold trophy?
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