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  1. Thanks for the support guys, it was great meeting you all again! The thread can now be closed.
  2. Sorry for any confusion caused. The preview pictures arent RM5 each, they each have their own prices. The "Kotak RM5" will be at the gathering, where everything inside is RM5 each, but its not the box pictured.. The cars shown in preview can only be purchased during friday gathering on a first come first serve basis, the leftovers will be posted up after the gathering for sale.
  3. dont worry sir, i believe whatever i have for sale....you already own preview time! ill have those up for sale and a Kotak RM5!
  4. Hey guys, its been a while. I'll be bringing my HW and Matchbox for sale this Friday at Citta Mall gathering. Pics coming up soon!
  5. Your work consistently gets better and better!
  6. top notch custom and finish right there.
  7. elgee

    '41 Willys Bus

    awesome job there, its really clean!
  8. i was in brisbane during summer, why didnt they have it then! such an awesome event!
  9. I grabbed a photo then left it on the pegs.
  10. my hands ter-click la bro. i thought i bought one, mana tau when i open, got six inside.
  11. yeah thanks guys, i wanted the fastback but they all came together so i accidentally bought them all.
  12. Got these today, from pakcik postman. And they're all signed! TFL!
  13. thanks guys, and yeah these were from the teluk.
  14. elgee

    Sesto Elemento

    valiant effort, its a few steps off a masterclass!
  15. No green, just red to catch up with whatever I missed out. TFL.
  16. Cool beans! I like the tempo on the 5-pack!
  17. i agree. need to reload sometimes. or chase older models.
  18. elgee

    My latest haul

    those torinos sure looks yummy.
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