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  1. i found DD at ganu few years ago
  2. last time got reg & supers ar??
  3. it should be done in US. new stock should open that day only. no ransacking before the salesmen want to display. that will leave all collectors an equal chance. saper nak best, beratur lahh awl2
  4. i have been a very long time collecting those HW. i know each toy dept have 'kaki'. i can bet will you all, all c4, mj, JJ have kaki. some of the insider also a member here. if you guys wanna prove... then i do the investigation. it easy. just ask the promoter the phone no and post here. so we will know siapa yang buat tapi tidak mengaku or pretending he is the cleanest & fair collector. that is my 2 cent. that's better that describing the physical attributes
  5. bob_afet

    ei8ht's Garage

    nice collection bro !!!
  6. we send RAOK??? (random act of kindness)...
  7. can u take pic the display cabinet? maybe i can display like urs
  8. i also have the cardboard display. but i wonder where do u get the peg display?? any hint??
  9. mainline or some other series? . i hv few of em but i think i dont hv extra. i have to check 1st.
  10. i need both of em.... any hint what u want??
  11. good effort here. since i lil bit late to register, here about my 2 cent.... there is any specific thread @ notification what is the purpose of collecting the beetle cup. i noe it is for the clubs cars, after i read thru some other thread... p/s: any design for the car yet?
  12. got driftking to trade??? also the beetle. x dpt lagik... uwaaaaaaaaa
  13. any update on my registration? or do i need to fill in a form?
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