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  1. Items received today. Nice and securely packed. Will deal again in the future. Cheers
  2. Muhammad Danial @ muhdanial2k muhdanial2k@gmail.com Mohd Ridzuan Lim @ mohdone mohdridzuanlim@gmail.com
  3. I want the F430 and 1 DD of each color... Cheers
  4. Last nite was fun day for my son, muhdanial2k. Making some new friends and also won the 3rd place in the 2nd round. I noticed some members/ forumers came from as far from JB to join in the event. Thanks HWCM for the excitement. Cheers.
  5. mohdone: Ferrari F430 (coupe/ spider/ challenge/ scuderia) muhdanial2k: Nissan Z
  6. My family and I will try to come. 2 Adults and 2 Child (age 9 and 2 years). Before that, can we have a tentative date? At least we all know roughly around when? which month? B4 or after CNY? Same like everyone else, I still need to fit the event into my calender.
  7. nice haul esp the yellow F430... cheers...
  8. very nice deora you got there... cheers...
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