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  1. Hi.. can I join also? but where's citta mall? can someone advice me..
  2. wow.. really? this is happening? no wonder couldn't get the nice cars.. is so hard to compete with other collectors, now the promoter has a better hand... maybe opting to collect something else..
  3. gizmo1

    Today Haul

    wow.. that is one fantastic haul.. congrats there bro.. Wish I can stumble upon these in KL..
  4. wow.. so lucky you to get them.. congrats..
  5. wow... wish I could have join early to the club and participate with the dinner.. Hope to join next year...
  6. sorry to hear that bro... hope everything works out the best for you and your family...
  7. wow.. what creative idea.. can't wait to see the final product..
  8. awesome hauling there.. congrats.. gotta to get myself out and hunt....
  9. wow.. that is a totally new casting to me.. very nice there.. this must be hard to come by.. congrats
  10. Username : gizmo Real Name : Jessie Favorite HW designer : All Age : 25 Collecting since : 2011 Favorite castings : Muscle and Mini Range of collection : Anything that interest me.. Other Collections : Tomica, Matchbox, Jada, Autoart, Kyosho, CMS
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