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coolest hot wheels ever

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Mattel's coolest Hot Wheels ever: They fold

The first-ever "flat" remote-control Hot Wheels cars will hit stores in August.

By Parija Kavilanz, senior writerJanuary 25, 2010: 2:52 PM ET

YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- It's the size of a credit card and about as slim
as a cell phone. But the coolest feature of Mattel's new Hot Wheels
ride is its 3D action: Push a button and the "flat" car pops up into a
remote-control vehicle.Called "Stealth Rides," these toy cars
are Mattel's first-ever folding Hot Wheels. It's the latest innovation
for a brand that's been selling in toy stores for more than 40 years.

"This is definitely one the coolest new toys in 2010," said Jim Silver, a toy
industry analyst and editor in chief of TimetoPlayMag.com. Mattel (MAT, Fortune 500)
has created five different models of Stealth Riders, including two
cars, two tanks and a "Batmobile Tumbler" that the toymaker will debut
next month during the Toy Fair in New York. The annual industry
event showcases some of the hottest new toys that will hit stores later
in the year, in time for the Christmas shopping season.All five
Stealth Rides fold flat and slide out of a plastic case that functions
as both a carrying case and a remote control. With the push of a
button, the "flat" cars transform into three-dimensional, fully
functioning remote-control vehicles. "Containing a fully
functioning vehicle in a pocket-sized case will allow kids to play
anywhere, anytime," said Geoff Walker, senior vice president with
Mattel Brands. "The vehicles [provide] a unique and cool level of play
experience that was not previously possible.

"The Hot Wheels Stealth Rides will hit stores in August, priced at about $25 per car.
"The remote control category [of toys] used to include big toys for $70 or
more," said Silver. "So this is an affordable price point for a very
cool product that's never been done before."He also praised the
cars' engineering. "These [cars] are easy to carry around and the
charge time is fantastic," Silver said. "It's 30 minutes of play, and
that's a long time for such a small remote-control toy."

Ref : Original Article
Very interesting stuff but not cheap though. Prabha

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hope it reach here...
and make a special race from this type of cars...

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