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  1. Do I see a bar and barstools in there??!! I hope so, as I need one of those to go in Marble's "Three Broomsticks" room! lol
  2. The tower would be nice if it wasn't pink! I wish when they feel the need to go on a pink spree, that they would give us options of another colour, like Petville do. It's the only part of Petville that is better than PS. There's nothing I can buy this week again, so that'll mean that I've bought nothing in the game since Christmas!
  3. I've got all those books, they are so easy to read, and I LOVE True Blood. Are you "Team Bill" or "Team Eric"??
  4. 70s retro eh? Sounds like fun! Re the ornaments, I've read on the PF forum that a player can only own one of each ornament. Any extra ornaments will immediately be sold by the game. So any potential buyers ought to be aware of this I think. This was only posted by a regular user, not a mod, so I don't know if it's true.
  5. I'm so sorry you lost one of your cats so recently. I have a cat and I will be devastated when she goes. Your new kitten sounds gorgeous though. :-)
  6. That snow globe isn't in stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The globe didn't show up in the pic when I posted, so I see now that it is different to the one in the Cash Shop. Although, does anyone need two snow globes, different or not?! Perhaps it's just because I don't care for snow globes!
  7. I like the wooden chairs and the table. I would hope that the present isn't going to be the snowglobe because what if a friend has already gifted it to you? You don't want both, surely? I don't have one so it wouldn't matter to me, but I think the gift should be something that hasn't already been seen in the shops.
  8. lupi

    Birthday Paw Pounds

    I think I must've pressed something silly in my enthusiasm about the paw pounds. Thanks for your help guys! :-)
  9. lupi

    Happy Birthday Lupi

    Thanks so much! I did have a good day. :-)
  10. lol I've not seen "Bob" yet, but I have loads of friends who don't play PS and probably never will, so I don't think I'll ever meet him!
  11. lupi

    Treasure Mania

    I was playing Treasure Mania and was on level 40-something, but I deleted the game because they changed it last week and made it worse to play than before. It was a shame because it used to be a fun game.
  12. lupi

    Birthday Paw Pounds

    I just got this little pop up............ Happy Birthday lupi! lupi It's Your Birthday!!! A really BIG happy birthday from all of us here at Pet Society Fan Community, as a special birthday treat please contact Steve or one of the forum admins to claim your 100 Paw Pounds Gift! Have a great time! The PSFC Team Thank you for this! *hands out birthday cake to everyone* I tried to PM Kasijab, but it told me I didn't have enough post to be able to send a PM.
  13. I don't like this stuff at all. (Jeez I'm so grumpy, I come here and all I do is moan! lol) I shall buy the Christmas Pud and the Yule Log, but that'll be it. I think last years stuff was better for Christmas.
  14. lupi

    Warning ....

    Why am I not surprised that they've done this?! Firstly, they ruin any chance we have of actually getting 999s by fixing the glitch and then they remove half of them, but leave all the rubbish (orange pearls anyone??) behind. Sometimes I wish I were on a much lower level because then I could leave the game and forget about it. I just don't like the way it's going. Everything's so expensive and the lottery now gives less than before. I know PF are in it to make money, but if people leave (two of my neighbours have left this week) then they will have just shot themselves in the foot. I used to buy cash coins sometimes, but I'm not going to anymore. I can't line their pockets when they're giving nothing back.
  15. Loving the new tree deccies, will be buying them. The only complaint I have is that there is nothing saying Happy Christmas. There is something saying "Happy Holidays" which means nothing. It's Christmas! Holidays are what you go on in the summer!
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