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  1. Right, where to start, got everthing done pretty much, bit the bullet and bought everything, and got it together lastweek, bin on a couple rides still got a few niggles to sort, but pretty much there, not got many pics, but managed to get exhaust system sorted which souns insane brake lines, new rubber. Went and flipin dropped it last weekend in the garage, took it off paddock stand and was hold grab rails as i always do, had already put side stand down so leaned it over to rest it up and the side stand must have not been down fully and the bike just kept going, had no chance of saving it from stood behind , but luckily it did no damage at all part from bust the indi mounts which cost bout £2 so no prob at all, but part from that all up and running. its down at bike place today havin clutch line and throttle cables on and carbs cleaned n balanced so should have her bk by tmoz
  2. big oulets dave, its for me n the misses, want to have a big selection to look at. most shops only have a small choice.
  3. Hi folks, anyone know any big clothing outlets around sheff or nottingham area? Thanks for your help
  4. updates coming soon, sorry for delay!
  5. Well finally bit the bullet so to speak. Just ordered new brakelines and exhaust downpipes, pics to follow upon delivery. Hopefully tuesday. Then i can start puttin her back together
  6. keep the baffle out, cops wont pull you. My local bobby told me that cops dont pull bikes for loudness of exhausts anymore. thats why you dont see em with the sound guns like we used to . He said they only pull bikes in random checks or dangerous driving etc, i.e. if theres a reason. Plus if a cop does stop you to check can, you can ask for a deferred test i.e. if you ask for a deferred test he legally cant test it road side, and i quote 'the driver may elect that the test shall be deferred to a time, and carried out at a place, fixed in accordance with Schedule 2 to this Act, and the provisions of that Schedule shall apply accordingly' in which time you swap the can lol. Thats a bit of a loophole, which i heard straight from the horses (pigs) mouth Long and short of it is, i never have and never will ride with a baffle, just because i love the sound, even when i deafen ppl lol.
  7. These dont have timing belts,think the only bikes that do are Ducati. i meant chain. Sorry typo
  8. Well got all the fairings cleaned up, inside and out, got a bit ocd lol. Took calipers apart could only get two pistons out they were jammed up that bad, even tried to pop em out when they were still bled up, but it wasnt helping. so there down at bike place get blasted out with some heat, then gona clean em up. Changed oil and filter and cleaned all engine up, it was black when i started, 14 yrs of crap on it, its come up real good, again a bit ocd but o well. Just giving everything a good clean whilst its all apart, blumin kwaks are a pain in the ass to fiddle with, everythings behind sumat else, o well.
  9. bad and good news there dave, at least its over now hey and work to look forward to! And cheers for that dick, thats who i got my headers from for my other bike, shall be using them again.
  10. hows things with you dave work wise?
  11. Im back! , not posted for a bit, have been mad with work up until start of dec, then have been away till this week, so whilst i have a week at home ive been tinkering, ive stripped the bike down and started cleaning bits up and doin some general tidying work. Overall plan before march is full new exhaust system , braided lines, new tail tidy, i fitted jack up kit tuesday and took all fairings off, and took downpipes off, ive replaced fuel tap, ive cleaned all the ram air system up today and the head unit, fitted new double bubble screen as well, gna be stripping calipers tmoz and giving them an over haul, new pads as well, got both throttle cables to replace and clutch cable, then some new rubber, then sending it to garage to get timing belt done and valve timing etc. And lastly the chain and sprockets, will do the smaller bits within next few days , then need to buy down pipes and chain n sprockets. Cant wait to get back riding in 2012! p.s. i shall keep posting pics
  12. you may find that they are laquered over, so you cant remove em, without taking the laquer off. However i may be wrong, try the hair dryer trick
  13. read the news chad. Poor lass if she is innocent. nowt like losing a few years through misconviction
  14. Any go this weekend just gone? i was there, great racing on sunday, hopkins is a true great rider, shame shakey got knocked off first corner but he fought like hell to get an incredible 8th. Was also very moving to stand on the track whilst the riders and family of ben gautry did a lap in honour of him. so sad to think that i was there two weeks ago watching it unfold and now stood watching a lap in honour of him, but it was greatly supported by everyone. good weekend all in all.
  15. shameful, tut tut. i would never post random comments just to boost my post count.
  16. yeh you may find that they shape oddly, its usually the front. But they,re great tyres none the less. they no longer make em its the 023s now, theyve attempted to iron out the wear problem.
  17. insane!!!! but amazing, terminal velocity for an average human is around 1500mph with clothes etc falling randomly, with the way hes shaping his flight with the fins etc he,ll be doing 90mph+
  18. i tend not to reply if i dont feel my contribution is valid or necessary. but if you want me to talk irrelavant cack then dont worry
  19. its not great, but we had some good weeks! sunny and dry!!! earlier on, i remember because i didnt have a bike for 2mnths and it did nowt but be hot and dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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