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  1. good luck with the ride dave my offer of a bed for the night is still open if you need it
  2. thanks for the good wishes people ive lost 7 stone since that photo was taken
  3. im 406 miles south of j. o. g. so roughly half way ,youve got my number if you need a bed for the night either way up or down or both
  4. got a mate doing this race look out for the nutcase with GO ZIGGY GO on his shirt
  5. when i park in me garage i always used to touch the back of the garage with the front tyre the busa mudguard sticks out past the tyre causing it to hit the back wall
  6. cheers stan - sounds good as well m8 lol never tried a 1250 with a standard can on mine came with a beauwolf tri oval fitted when i bought it
  7. as you started this thread when were you born
  8. youll all need wellies theres some very pretty sheep in wales ive been told
  9. no such luck dave ive had to take the wife out for her birthday tea
  10. our andy has got tickets for tonight he paid £20 each for them and theyre vip tickets marked £69 each
  11. same idea was out in the early 80s called it oko tyre sealant would you really want to ride your bike with lots of chemical repairs to your tyres i wouldnt and ill bet they changed the tyres on the test bike
  12. just seen this post dave if id seen it earlier we could of met you there mate .have a good time
  13. happy birthday dick hope you have a good one
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