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  1. well just been reading the blurb by the hotel and it says this "The area is best explored by car, and there's ample free parking at the hotel". that's us stuffed then lmao
  2. RichardH will bee fine mate, thanks.
  3. Is there a way to change my forum name?
  4. well the wife might want to bunk with you lot but I dont haha, travel lodge all the way.
  5. well if its just for a weekend then anywhere south of "M". The wife says Cheddar Gorge.
  6. Great to see you all again, great weekend with great company
  7. Dont loose any sleep Dave, brilliant weekend, had a great time with great peeps, would do it all again in a heartbeat :-)
  8. booked up for that sunday and also away to pyrenese in sept sorry dude
  9. RichardH

    New Jacket

    I've just replaced my hiviz, not coz i dont like hiviz but coz they get absolutely filthy in no time at all, its a mesh summer jacket but has 2 linings, one waterproof and one warm, each can be worn seperate. :-)
  10. Davehutch & mel smilinjack (rideout only) Dick Grumpyowl (rideout only Mark. Mike (Gravelrash) Oldfart (Den) Camp and rideout Tabzy (james) Banditmike (camping & rideout) Itchy ( camping and ride) hahaha you cant get rid of me ;-)
  11. its not easy arranging the back of every ones head like that you know.
  12. cant see my bike brilliant pics, well clear
  13. just seen your new tent dave, you tried it yet? I was gonna get one of those for just me!
  14. "collection"! very lucky man, nice bike
  15. If it ever gets out of the shed, I will take more pics.
  16. ok its a Givi rack but can I put ANY Givi box on it??
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