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  1. Yeah all the Best Alan and a big thanks to the Dave for the past 7 years met some great folk and made some lifelong friends.
  2. aint got a clue but parked it here
  3. nice one Alan I can sense regret if you did sell and with just having her fettled be a shame not to use and enjoy
  4. cheers stan - sounds good as well m8 lol never tried a 1250 with a standard can on mine came with a beauwolf tri oval fitted when i bought it you didn't miss owt stan lol
  5. I'm running Bridgestone 023's the GT ones for fat lasses - they came fitted new with the bike and must say I'm well impressed with them there also quiet , I stopped using Michelin as they wore down too quick
  6. your right Alan at slow speeds I was getting a vague feeling of dead weight at the back of the bike with the stock can well that's gone now, I did notice as well its not the first time the stock cans been removed so previous owner must have swapped at some point
  7. cheers Alan looks and sounds the business mate , way better than the missile launcher it came with and the handlings improved no end
  8. got a nice pipewerx black tri oval pipe for the 1250 well chuffed
  9. Nice one Alan - drop of Redex every other tankfull works a treat
  10. sorry chad too small for me and I neet GT spec now sure someone will have them
  11. I had an advisory once for a slack chain - it was about 3mm out
  12. I like that mate be great fun when its fettled
  13. they took my card details so I take it that that's confirmation but not had any email reply.
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