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  1. Had my King 7 and half years, was out on it today, but.... a 16.5ltr tank is bloody annoying! Jumped on the GSX14 and took off North, first time I stopped was Childers, 190 miles away! Had I been on the King I'd have had a sore arse and been detouring long ago trying to find fuel. Shame. Such a brilliant fun bike with a killer motor but it isn't suited to the long hauls. Still wont sell it though...
  2. Not been to Tassie but its on my to do list. My Mrs has been there about 5 times and loves it. Both the local Hayabusa and GSX1400 clubs have done rides down there. It's a fair hike from Qld though! It's about a 1,100 MILES to drive to Melbourne to catch the ferry over! (And that not a very interesting ride either) An interesting read about Tassie is the book by Paul Carter "Ride like Hell and you'll get there" quite entertaining.
  3. Wait untill your in Red Neck - Hillbilly territory, The fuel guage has been on "empty" for a while, and ....thank goodness... a petrol station.... Dhooo!!!!
  4. A random pic, out riding through the countryside this morning and spotted someone's idea of a front gate, top job ! [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  5. Out today, on the B-King. Was a bit too hot though. Found a bit of shade by a creek and cooled off. Nice place and quite close to home.. [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  6. Sat nav works OK for servo's I use my Navman for it all the time. Downside is it may find the nearest which is OK if your desperate but not ideal for planning a route waaaay ahead. I use a map (paper or web) to plan my ideal route then a quick google search on some of the larger towns or villages with their name + petrol / service station normal tells me if there's one there. You should try it out here Dave, theres a few places that they find the body's weeks later!
  7. 31 degrees C but at one point we had 6 GSX1400's out this morning... [/url]
  8. I'm a great believer in electric carving knives. I used to glue those camping mats layer on layer on layer to build up a block and then carve it into shape. Made a few motorbike seats that way when I was a youngster!
  9. Guy on another forum got an invite to the Superchaged H2 Kwak press day / test ride. he's ridden anything worth riding as a comparison. he just posted this.... "Sorry folks, getting on a plane shortly to come home. Its been a hectic 36 hours, but the very very short version is The pre launch hype was justified It really does handle It goes like f**k It sounds amazing People who were expecting a lardy one trick pony are going to have to dismiss it on looks now. Price isnt even an argument as its the same as a panigale s."
  10. 36 degrees C forecast to home tomorrow, 39 degrees forecast for work. Been doing 10 hour days recently, 7am to 5pm. Going to be extra factor 50+ and water I think !
  11. First day of Autumn, weathers a little cooler. Few clouds about but only half a dozen spots of rain leaving the city this morning. A lazy run down to Flutterbye Cafe down at Tyalgum, NSW. A lazy round trip of 331k / 205 miles. Nice breakfast / weather / roads / scenery, and home before midday.
  12. The advantage of not being at work today... [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  13. It's a bugger when you've just spent £3,500 on a holiday though ! Fark!!!
  14. No pay. Self employed. 24.5 hours last week, none so far this week. Part of my job. When I do work I go hard, Four x 72 hour weeks back to back wasn't unusual, neither is a few weeks between jobs. I don't mind it now I'm used to it.
  15. I went to work for 1 hour last Thursday, and it rained.. and rained... and rained ! Haven't been back yet, sites still closed and they have it shut down tomorrow too !
  16. Laverda Club is quite strong here. The biggest bike show in Brisbane is run run by The Laverda Owners Club but open to all makes. http://www.clublaverdaqld.com/#!gallery/c1pwt
  17. I'd certainly know a Jota! I met the guy who's idea the Jota was several times. When I had my Harley, Motex the Harley dealership had one half of the building in Bomyard, and the other half was used by Rodger Slater (The Laverda importer) Rodger was the driving force behind the Jota. Interesting bloke.
  18. Not sure what model the Laverda was, I'm not clue'd up on their twins. Loved the old Kat, but I recon the TL1000S with the radial front end and high bars would have been hardest to catch around the mountains. Should ave put my Dri-Rider mesh jacket on, wore my leather and was pouring out sweat!
  19. 235mm of rain over 3 days but you'd never know it being out riding today. Roads were all pretty clean and dry, few clouds about but no rain at all. Saw lots of bikes out enjoying the mountain roads. Amongst the normal sea of Harley's, Cruisers, Sportsbikes and giant BMW trailies I spotted a couple that stood out....
  20. Well done Dave I think I'm up to 7 years now. No regrets. Mrs has just done 7 weeks dry. She isn't going tea total, just having a 3 month break before trying to be a social occasional drinker.
  21. Cheers Dave. Rain's eased off a bit. Off out to an engagement do. Stay safe everyone.
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