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  1. There are a few folk using them on the 1400 forum. I'd guess that would be your best hope of finding a good 2nd hand set.
  2. I guess you know they were sold off to the USA and are now made there by Smokin Moto ? Not sure if they still list the 1400. You after the 4 can set up or the 6 cans ? Are you on the GSX14 forum ?
  3. New Pilot Power 3's fitted today, be interesting to see if they are much better than the Pilot Roads? Just in time for a few weeks off over Xmas...
  4. Bikes in the shed, sheds double locked. Shed is in the back yard behind the house and behind padlocked gates. Back yard has a miserable cattle dog in it. Got some good neighbours who keep an eye on the place too.
  5. Still no snow! Beautiful day. Nice and warm but not too hot to wear leathers. On the road nice and early so missed most of the traffic. Excellent morning to be out on the bike! [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  6. Not yet ! We get it down South and a couple of places inland. If it EVER snows here I will move house!
  7. Best thing I bought for a while was a 2nd tool box. Now I have sorted and split my tools up. One tool box for quality kit that's respected. One for my collection of begged, borrowed and "acquired" stuff that's really not that good. The 2nd tool box is stuff that can be sacrificed. Sockets that can be ground down, spanners that can be bent or welded to nuts, screw drivers that can be used as drifts.
  8. http://www.easyauctionjapan.com/productdetail.php?productId=c535829855
  9. 11 years and I still haven't seen a frost out here ! They did warn the it might drop to 20 degrees C though. http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/forecasts/brisbane.shtml?ref=hdr Just be greatful you don't get the heat, humidity or wild storms we get. My wife would move to the UK tomorrow if she could !
  10. Was nice to see a new H2 out getting used around the mountains yesterday. Up close they really are a quality bit of kit. Sounded bloody lovely with the Brocks pipe on too.
  11. Bloody hot yesterday, so I went out early this morning. Stayed local and had a play on Clear Mt Rd, Bunya Rd, Mail Mans Ridge, Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious a few times. Mt Nebo [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] Mt Glorious at 7.30am [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  12. The turbo mentioned might be the one my mate built ? Ben at Extreme Creations in Sydney ? Made over 200 at one point. First one was done as a "drift bike" for a customer. (He still rides a naked Hayabusa as his own bike )
  13. Tracer would be great around the local mountains. In fact so would a new GSX1000. Yeah, on paper they have good 0 to 60's etc, but having ridden several late model nakeds they don't have the grunt out of corners or the punch when overtaking, or the long legs top end. Doesn't make one better than the other. Different styles, different bikes. I know a few new and happy MT owners, but they do different rides and distances to me. Horses for courses.
  14. I like the new upright / nakeds. Some really are fun. Problem I have is I love the grunt of a big bore bike and still like the screaming top end. Much of the new stuff is better handling, nimble, sporty and fun, but jumping off a B-King or naked Busa it lacks that "punch". Can't see me going back to a little bike again. I switch between being a lazy rider and a speed freak, and not found anything better than what I have. If they put the Kings engine in a GSX1000S with a 22 ltr tank I'd be there ready to sign the paperwork though.
  15. Today. Came home with my heart racing and the fuel light flashing. Was a good day. Home intime for the GP. [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  16. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=qTuhg11--O0
  17. Headed out over Mt Mee but the wet roads and mist turned to rain. Headed back towards the City and did a loop around the Northside. Only 150k / 90 miles but good to get out.
  18. ^^ B-King with Armoured Personnel Carrier ^^ v v B-King with Tank v v
  19. My father in law passed away 10pm last night. He was a Vietnam Vet, an Aussie "Digger". He'd been ill for a while, heart, liver, kidneys, but he was a tough old bugger. When the Docs said he was going, he stood his ground for another two weeks. We got on well and he will be missed by myself and many others. My own family are 10,000 miles away. I only get to see them about every 18 months. I'm heading home in 9 weeks time, Taking them away for a week in Cornwall. Looking forward to seeing my parents again. Sorry for the ramble. R.I.P. Laurie. You made a good Father in Law.
  20. Cleaned some of the bugs off the 14. touched up the rust on the tanks dents, put some oil on the rusty scars to the headlight, "fixed" my broken front indicator with a heap of black electrical tape, put sone more electrical tape and a couple of zip-ties around the plug on the back of my KOSO, went around anything that's supposed to move with either the oil can or WD40, topped up the oil and lubed the chain! Bike must think its Xmas! Started to clean my Cyclone pipe, found where another of my noises might be coming from... [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] Love my Big Black Rat. Cheap biking !
  21. 3 weeks into Winter here. Down to 10 C at night, still 23 C in the day time. Got a lot going on at the moment, Doing 6 day week, 10.5 hour days at work most weeks. Father-in-law real ill, days to live. Still managed to get 245k (150 miles) in mid week to clear my head.
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