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  1. Weathers been quite nice recently. Dry and a bit cooler. Yesterday it rained. 270mm / 11 inches ! Major flooding. 5 now reported dead in 3 separate vehicles washed away including an 8 year old boy. Got up this morning, sun shining, another beautiful day. Mates call this place "75" or 3/4. 75% of the time we live in paradise. 25% of the time it's either farkin' hot or storms! RIP the 5 that are now gone.
  2. I find the ZX12R, ZX14, Hayabusa etc as big and tourer oriented as you can go before you get the downsides of engines that lack top end, shaft drive, odd tyre sizes, linked brakes, barn door fairings and other stuff I don't want or need. The sports tourers can still chase sports bikes on a weekend or run a good time at the strip. They aren't as much a one trick pony as the pure tourers. Unless you spend every mile "on tour" I'd rather have a Sports tourer that's 75% as good as a huge tourer, than a huge tourer that 25% as a Sports tourer.
  3. A cool, cloudy Tuesday morning, but still better to be out playing on the bike than in the car heading to work...
  4. How good was that MotoGP! Bloody hell. Simoncelli would have had a grin a mile wide looking down and watching that one! Not bad for an old bloke starting 8th and getting nudged at the start.
  5. Insurance found us a "courtesy car" whilst ours in being assessed. 2014, 4x4, 7 seat, V6 petrol Nissan Pathfinder. Quite nice.
  6. One of those days !! Turns out Mrs has a cracked rib from our accident last Friday, and everything I picked up today seemed to have Redbacks on it... how to take screenshots
  7. Today.... View out the front door whilst doing breakfast... [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] Boonoo Boonoo National Park, NSW. The NSW / Qld border...
  8. My brand new car, two weeks old. 4x4 coming down the hill locked up in the rain and slid onto my side of the road. Mrs is a bit shook up. Passenger door wouldn't open, Don't think it's going to polish out with T-cut.
  9. Home. Bit shook up. [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  10. I wanted a Dumbo Rat, funny buggers crack me up, Like having a cartoon character. AU is a bit funny about importing them though, we have an awful history of wildlife disasters from bringing in non-native species.
  11. Thanks. The mist and sunrise were as I was setting off this morning. Funny, hot in Brissy, Mrs has air on on all night, 300 miles South and inland it dropped to about 10 degrees and I had a heater on all night! Nice place but I couldn't live there with the cold.
  12. Done 1091k's (678 miles) this weekend and home by 1pm Sunday afternoon.
  13. Went 545k (340 miles) South this morning. Mrs phoned ahead and booked me a motel. Found some great roads to play on. and...
  14. 3 and a half weeks into Autumn here. Cooled down a little. Dry, sunny and 32 degrees C (90 degrees Fahrenheit) Just had a 12 day "long weekend" It was hard work being back in the sun at work. Went home at 1.30pm.
  15. Yeah, they tell me "every holes a goal" but I'm not convinced about playing on a muddy pitch.
  16. I should read things a bit slower! First time I read maam as man and thought you meant her husband !
  17. Funny. Normaly I'd run a mile at the thought of cruisers or tourers but I dont mind this one.
  18. I don't mind the big spiders. It's the little buggers like red backs that make me cautious. When you've just been into 5 man holes and killed red backs in every one and your about to jump into the 6th man hole, You know what to expect, but it still keeps thing interesting.
  19. She's smaller than my hand, about 3/4 of the size. Quite friendly, well... she doesn't flee or get aggressive. This isn't one of my pics, just a google, but there are several pics around of them catching birds.
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