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  1. Two Tropical Cyclones at the same time. One going across the top of the Northern Territory, the other ones a bit more nasty, hitting Qld. Was a Level-5 (the scale only go's to 5!) Now downgraded to a Level-4 cyclone. Heading down the coast. Made a REAL mess of the town Yeppoon. Lots of houses destroyed. We have had non-stop rain for two days, I emptied a rain guage and the next time I walked past it, it said 40mm ! All my job sites are shut down and flooded. Hopefully the Cyclone will fade out or run out of steam before it hits Brisbane, the nearest city.
  2. Quote: "Non Rolling The wheels are permanently fixed to give strength to the structure" Yeah, I bought a brand new Harley in the 1980's. Wheels didnt go round on that very often, normaly on a breakdown truck or waiting to be repaired.
  3. £525 / AU$1,030 !! For a crude plastic replica of an old Harley.... [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  4. Folk pay more for Busa's because they see them dominating the drags, land speed events, Ghost Rider DVD's etc etc. In the real world the ZX12R is a bloody good bike and more than enough for 99% of riders. If your not a cashed up speed freak who wants to break records the ZX is an equal to the Busa in most ways. If anything the ones I've had in bits had a better build quality than the Suzuki's. I like them. Busa's suit me, but if there were no Busa's I'd be happy on a ZX12R. Two of my mates have them and REALLY take some keeping up with! I had a late model radial braked ZX in blue here for a while. A real "Sledgehammer" bike. Great fun.
  5. Someone took a snap of me playing on Mt Glorious a while back...
  6. Found the clip one of my mates did.... .... another Mate tried the same bike and said it was fun, but.... heavy clutch, hard seat and a very sensitive hair-trigger throttle took some of the fun out of it.
  7. Couple of the lads I ride with have them. Some models are notorious for having very poor injection. Even after factory "fix's" they are still very 2nd rate. Other models seem fine. I think the 4's were better than the triples concerning injection systems. Hopefully its improved on the latest ones.
  8. Not sure where I'll be or when. Fly in a few days before the GP. Should be there to watch the race on Sunday. Taking the Mrs to see The Merchant of Venice at Stratford a few days after. Need to visit family in Kidderminster / Bewdley. Got a house booked for a week near Mevagissey in Cornwall. Will have a few spare days.
  9. Both are a bit over 10,000 miles for me so there's not that much difference.
  10. Finally got around to putting power in to the shed. Got a heap of 40mm conduit, bends and warning tape free from work. Thought I as going to f#ckin' die!! Digging a 17m long trench by hand, 600+mm deep in 37 /38 degrees C heat. I wasn't very well by the end of it! ..... and it rained an everything filled up with water... Dhoo!!! upload pic Bloody glad to see the end of it! screen capture freeware Now I just need to get a proper Sparky to help me with the lights, plugs and switches to make sure its all to spec and legit for both our insurance and for when we get to sell.
  11. .... and did The Great Ocean Road whilst we were down there.... image upload no limit windows 7 screen shot imgurl
  12. Went down to Melbourne. Went to the huge Crown Casino. A couple of prizes when the fruit machine hits jackpot! free image upload upload pics
  13. Tidying up the shed, found this little fella. Baby Blue Tongue Lizard. Harmless and eats some of the bad critters. image hosting screen capture windows Got a much bigger one living under my pile of palm leaves that I need to take to the dump. Happy to have them around.
  14. It was all a bit bizarre. Circuit of Wales was NEVER going to be ready for 2015, and it's very unlikely to be up and running by 2016 (if ever!) Yet they were awarded the MotoGP, they then subbied it out to Donington, a non-GP spec track with the promise of a cash payment to upgrade the track. CoW are still struggling for more government backing and local council approval so are in no position to be handing money out to others.... so..... It go's back to Silverstone where it was anyway! Shame. Donnington would make a much better circuit than the flat track at Silverstone when the fans complain about being to far away.
  15. The GSX1400 is getting by far the most use now. It turned out a lot more useable than I expected. Few months back I pulled out of home early morning before the heat, hooked her up into top gear and got going. The first stop and the first time I put my feet down again was Childers. 307k / 190 miles North! Not sure I changed out of top gear along the way... LOL Was up at Agnes Water, 550k / 340 miles North by 11am. imgur
  16. I still have the B-King, its now got Renthals and new mirrors the same as the others. imgurl
  17. Xmas day 2014.... uploading images imgur New Year's Day 2015.... image upload" />
  18. Last Sunday... images image upload no resize screenshot tool imgurl
  19. Two weeks a go... image free hosting image hosting 10mb limit free upload imgurl
  20. I'm still around. Got the shits with forums / facebook / people etc and had a break for a while. Still got the same bikes. Still clocking up the miles. Booked flights via Hong Kong and Dubai into Birmingham to see the MotoGP at Donington!!!! Looks like I'm now going to Silverstone though...
  21. All the big retro nakeds make great tourers, But two-up with luggage and not trying to set land speed records the GSX1400's extra torque is very useful and noticeable.
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