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  1. Very much the fashion. Harley use a similar style and there's a similar looking Golwing. I've been doing a bit of highway miles recently and a matt / satin black version wouldn't be the worst thing to be on. Nitrous bottles in both panniers
  2. Outside my kitchen window (that never gets closed) Female Golden Orb Spider.
  3. I should change no work today to no work this week, never mind, chance to start fixing up the house.... Front deck oiled... Anyone want to buy a house ?
  4. Sat next to one in the traffic a few weeks back, Wasn't 100% sure what it was but guessed it was a variation on the ST1100 / Pan European bikes? Looked better in the flesh than in the pics. Not my sort of thing but I'd imaging it was pretty comfy and able to cover some distance if required. The black version looked nicer than the red one, but I'd still have to question if I wanted a tourer with a 19 ltr tank.
  5. Got to finish this house first. Oiled half the back deck, moved everything onto the other half. Doing the same with the front deck. Next job is painting all the outside.....
  6. Another area we looked at on the way to Imbil is called "Moy Pocket" I spent the rest of the day saying, "Where's your Hayabusa Tony?.. It's in Moy Pocket" "Where's your wife Tony?.. She's in Moy Pocket" Etc etc etc. Mrs told me to shut up....
  7. Funny thing is "bald knob" and "bald knob road" are both at Peachester where we have been house hunting! Not sure if I really want to have that address? LOL At least the road going into Peachester is bloody good fun... Lots and lots of this....
  8. The big red thing thing "Hannibals Bucket" is the scoop out of one of the drag lines at a local coal pit. Like an excavators bucket but bigger and off a HUGE excavator.
  9. At one point I was 150 miles from home but I only had a Dri-Ryder "mesh" ventilated jacket, Didn't bother putting the waterproof liner in it and it won't fit under the Kings seat. Had about a dozen spots of rain coming home over the mountains but they were nothing. I normally carry two of the zip-lock sandwich bags in my pocket. Just I case I get caught out or hit a freak storm. One for my camera, one for my phone!
  10. No work today so out on the B-King. 602k's (374 miles) killed a few hours. [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url] [url="http://postimage.org/"][/url]
  11. The ones that play the system only make it worse for the genune cases. I'd have no issue with someone grassing up benefit cheats.
  12. I went tyre shopping today, but it wasn't very successful! Two local tyre shops near me, Both guys I ride with. 1st one was having a "Special" on 023's. A very useable touring tyre with reasonable grip. They suit the 1400. Plenty in stock but the owner decided that as they have equal numbers of front / rears delivered he only wants to sell them as pairs! No use to me, I use one front to two rears. Only needed a rear. 2nd shop who is normally better on price was real busy and didn't have either of the Sportsmarts or S20 rears in a 55 profile rear I wanted (B-King) in stock. I can order them in, he normally has good stock. I do have 1 brand new and 1 near new Pilot Road 3's in the shed I'm not using so might look at fitting one of those and buying a matching rear. Got a big ride in 2 weeks time so still have next week to sort a bike out ready. Hard to decide between the 14 or the King. Both have their downsides.
  13. My mum has a mobility car, she's never driven in her life! In her defence my Dad drives her everywhere, Both in their 70's now and both paid tax all their working life. It seemed odd to give a car to someone who can't drive, but neither have ever claimed any unemployment, Housing, sick pay or any other benefits in their life, and one is registered disabled and the other should be if he wasn't too stubborn and proud. I do know that plenty in the UK play the system. One was using the car as a taxi until it went back with starship mileage on it!
  14. It's funny having my glasses steam up when I walk OUT of a shop / house or get OUT of the car as its normally cool and dry inside and hot and humid outside.
  15. I saw a frost. I think it was about 2003 in the UK. I don't need to see another.
  16. Yeah, the S20's are on my Hayabusa streetfighter. It's lost a lot of weight, has quite firm suspension, and 160+hp. Only comes out in hot dry weather and only gets used at speed around the mountains and dams chasing sports bikes. Tyres work real well, can't fault them for the task. The BT023 are on my GSX1400. Ragged to the very edges dragging the footpegs / sidestand / frame around corners. Not as grippy as the S20's, but fine if you ride with a nice smooth flow. Launching at the drags or white knuckles on the brakes or on / off the throttle on corners (acting an arse and getting into trouble) will upset the 023's but not the S20's I find. To be fair the 023's seem to wear at about half the rate of the S20's though. None of my bikes have razor sharp handling. My biggest issues are wear and trying to grip due to the bike weight and horsepower.
  17. If price, wear and availability wasn't an issue, In my dream world I'd probably be fitting S20's.
  18. Currently using Sportsmarts, BT023's and S20's on 3 of mine. The 023's are lasting well, the S20's grip nice, you just need to accept what each does well and that they are a little different. All fine and would use any again at the right price.
  19. It was an eye opener when I arrived but its one thing I've gotten used to. I quite enjoy doing distance now. A few recent examples, all car / bike not flights. Went to a birthday party in Ayr, 782 miles North. Went for a meal with some mates in Dubbo 560 miles South (naked bike / pillion) Drove 863 miles South to Albury to do a 4 hour job! Took my partner to Port Douglas, 1094 miles North in a little Mitsubishi Lancer. Was working at Boggabri NSW, 394 mile drive to site. Took a ute to Roma to swap it with one already there, 600 mile round trip for work. My favorite Italian resteraunts is Anna's in Stanthorpe, 139 miles away. Got a group ride coming up in a few weeks, It starts at Walcha NSW, 331 miles from home. One of my customers recently bought a ute in Perth. He flew over, paid for it and drove home. The trip back was a bit over 2700 miles.
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