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  1. In addition, the Holy Spirit is our Helper and Counsellor and knows just how to help us in any and every situation. If u speak in tongues, why not set aside a few minutes everyday to pray in tongues about it. Praying in tongues has helped me overcome a lot of emotional issues!
  2. Glory to God! Indeed touch not His anointed.....!
  3. Not sure about that Lara, i dont believe that Christians can be cursed, Christ has redeemed us from every curse! I would say that if you are born again, that should be your starting point in dealing with the enemy. The bible says to resist him! when you are in Christ the enemy has no more rights over you so stand your ground coz you are fighting from victory ground. Not sure with unbelievers how this plays out though. Im sure one of the moderators will respond soon enough!
  4. Hi Daisy; Was in the exact same place last year! My advice is stay in the word, it will be a lamp to your path! ( Even if its just reading your favourite Psalms over and over again) If you stick with it, it will clear the confusion and anchor you so that you even come out stronger! Spend time in worship, whatever you do dont let go of Him (God) coz He is all you have and He knows how to bring you out into the Light! see Micah 7v 9b - 10: He will bring me out into the light; I will see his righteousness. 10 Then my enemy will see it and will be covered with shame, she who said to me, “Where is the Lord your God?” My eyes will see her downfall; even now she will be trampled underfoot like mire in the streets. Stay blessed!
  5. Chimere; Wonderful word! I too have been stripped and broken in the last few months. I lost everything but in losing it all i gained a new understanding of God and His ways and realised that all i need is Him. God bless you for sharing. Im so encouraged. God is faithful!
  6. Thank you Connie, i have emailed you. God bless!
  7. Thank you all for praying. The prayers have exposed the reason as to why i have been feeling this way. Connie, you mentioned somewhere on the forum that you are a minister of sorts, if its ok with you i really need some counselling. I cant send u a pm but if you r willing you can email me on belovedofthelord07@gmail.com
  8. Amen!!! Thank u so much; God bless you
  9. PLease pray for me to want my marriage to work. I have developed a coldness in my heart where my marriage is concerned and i really NEED God's help to come out of it. I have small kids, which is all the reason i need to fight for my marriage. Pray for God's grace to abound so that my marriage will come out of this season stronger. I also feel like i married hubby for the wrong reason and i need to come to terms with that somehow. Please pray that God help me with this.
  10. Thanks for your replies. Needless to say im Connie i have never heard of these succubus spirits you r talking about. Was it a dream or like a physical manifestation? I have never experienced that although sometimes i get the feeling that there is someone/thing lying in between hubby and I on the bed. Aemilk, thanks for the scriptures, i will continue to meditate on these and seek understanding from the Holy Spirit about this.
  11. Thanks for responding Daph. From what i have heard it is an evil spirit that attaches itself to a person and becomes their spouse and its usually inherited or a door opened for it or something to that effect. Someone mentioned on the site that if have sexual dreams then its a sure sign of the presence of such a spirit. This spirit also brings with it a lot of marital turbulence coz its trying to get rid of the physical spouse! I wondered coz i have had some sexually themed dreams and im currently going thru some challenges in my marriage. Nothing i have read has me convinced though and i just thought id ask u guys
  12. I have heard a lot of people talk about what they refer to as spirit husbands and wives. What is that? Are there scriptures that support this concept. I have seen a couple of references to this somewhere in this forum as well.
  13. THank you so much ladies for taking your time to reply. God really bless you. It is hard though, giving honour and all coz you feel like you are encouraging the wrong behaviour! Then there is pride to deal with...You know this issue has brought a lot of ugliness that is in my own heart to the surface and its not a pretty sight i ll tell you that. Nevertheless, His grace abounds...thanks again.
  14. Hi everyone, just need help working through forgiveness. My husband did something really major, that hurt me so much. By the grace of God, i made up my mind to forgive him althou he did not so much as even acknowledge that he did anything wrong. I told God that im forgiving him and letting go of my right to hold on to the pain. What i need help with is how do i walk this out. Its been a week now but im still l wrestling with dark and angry thoughts literally every moment. Also, i have just bn basically ignoring him mainly coz i hv nothing civil to say to him - which to me is better than ranting and raving at him (which im not brave ebough to do anyway). Im looking for honest and biblical based opinions. I have justifified my ignoring him by telling myself that i need space and time to recover or heal - with God s grace (- have bn praying a lot in the spirit and just worshiping when i can which does bring some relief.)When someone lets you down in such a way that you lose even respect for them how do you deal with that. When you forgive someone is it fine to still not talk to them especially when im working thru getting over this or is that deception on my part - in that case, have i really forgiven? Because you live with the person, it makes it even harder because he is so much a part of your life. I hope it all makes sense. Thanks
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