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  1. I'm not a happy bunny. All this limiting is limiting my mystery box addiction, so maybe I should be happy that I'm finally gonna stop playing Pet Society and get onto something more productive with my life. oh well! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL HACKERS FOR SPOILING MY ONE TREAT IN MY BORING LIFE
  2. I have 2 sleepy octopus to swap and I am looking for any of the following mermaid bear plushie precious mermaid dress Sea castle precious shells hairclip
  3. Hugs to everyone. Yes I totally agree that Playfish could make something of feeding other petlings
  4. That is good advice, I will move my one remaining kitty into another room Thanks Hun
  5. Could something be done about hungry petlings at our friends houses? It makes me very sad visiting friends where the pets are hungry and I cannot feed them! I was wondering if PS could perhaps make an achievement for feeding pets or make it that when you visit it doesn't show that they are hungry. Oh well! I'll have to find more happy.
  6. Follow your hearts. BIIIIIIIIG HUGS
  7. Its the same with the ghosts too and i call it ghost tennis!
  8. I need some help please. When i've been cleaning my friends pets, a few of them have a cute hamster type plushie. Can someone tell me where to get one!
  9. I've just logged on and Mittens Kittens has told me that her new tree with poppies is missing?????? Can anyone solve this mystery as she is getting quite upset about it
  10. Pet Society under maintenance, no new of the new items and now I've gotta go do some stuffs!
  11. Yes they are 2008. Ill send you an fr with a note...When we are both online then we can do the trade... Unless you want to send the payment over and when im back online ill send your turkey. Would it be possible if you could hold it until tomorrow, as I just spent my last 4999 yesterday?
  12. Are the turkey dolls from 2008? If they are i would like to buy one please
  13. Thank you for helping me complete my wishlist
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