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  1. Hello, Hello........dropping by to say hello. I was playing one of the games for the birthday celebration while trying to figure out how to get Boo in his bunny suit for Easter. I did it...it took far too long, must be an easier way. Have a good nite.
  2. Love the idea if the fish encyclopedia is similar to the sticker book....but it keeps track of how many of each fish you have and shows images of what you still need.
  3. You go, Gill! Congratulations!! Your room looks fabulous!
  4. No one here????? Please read carefully: Ok, I wanted to pop in to say that anyone who has me as a friend....if you do NOT have the Golden Carnival Headdress and white carnival mask (and either/or-from this week) and would like one, send me a message in PS. First one to let me know they read it here and who do not already have one, I will send you the set or missing piece you need. Cheers.
  5. Was on the forum and thought I'd stop by. No one here. Guess I'll go see what my Boo is up to then do some r/l work. Have a good weekend. Hugs.
  6. Little late, but, I loved reading all this interesting info. Thanks for posting it Gill.
  7. If he ever needs a lab assistant, Boo is available for hire. LOL!! Love it!
  8. Happy One month anniversary!! Loved all the photos. and Boo had such a great time at the wedding.
  9. boosmommy

    Hidenii Costumes

    Awwwww...these are sooo cute. I saw the pic of BooBear-- so adorable. Also love her with the blue tiger. Great job, Kijo.
  10. Just dropping in to say Hi....I was posting an entry in this weeks room contest and thought I'd see if anyone was around....Hope to catch you all later. Hugs. Haha...I was on page 45 for some reason...didn't see Armell and Tanya were still on. Hey, ladies. I am going to skip out though. FB is acting up and I need to go see what the prob. is. I posted a couple of items on my wall about xtra stone age stuff if you are interested, leave me a note in PS. Hugs.
  11. Hi, here is my room...Seaside Sheriff. Thanks! :happy:
  12. Ok, I'm going to head out also and work on my Zoo then see if I can catch Hidenni. I keep running into him but ignore him as I thought we still had the reindeer plushie. Bye.
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