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  1. I tried all sorts of stuff but haven't gotten it yet. Anybody caught one with anything in particular?
  2. The bouncy bat hat isn't giftable!?!?! I wish it said that when you went to buy them. I bought 3 to give to my friends and then found out they weren't giftable. That really sucks. I do love the hat. I also love all the new stuff.
  3. [quote="agniukas"]That is really starnge... Try to drop the wig on the floor, then drop a bag on it... Maybe that will work I tried that, too. So right now the bag is sitting on my floor along with the bag. I'll try again but still open for other suggestions????
  4. [quote="Foxpoly"]awww it's strange i just dyed wig and there wasn't any bag... Usually, there's no bag, it just dyes it. And it did do that when I originally purchased the dye - same as the other times, but then the next time I went in the wig was back to the blonde (tinkerbelle) color and a dye bag in my storage. Just can't figure out how to apply the dye....
  5. OK, I gotta a problem with the wig dying. I dyed one of tinkerbell wigs (I have 2) and then the next day went in and it was back to the original color but they still had my 2 coins (or whatever). BUT while looking throught my storage I found the little dye bag... How do I get it to dye the wig. I've tried dropping it on the wig, while Denny was wearing it and when wig was on the floor, but it didn't work. Anybody have any suggestions????
  6. The announcement mentions a pet balloon; it's not going to be a balloon is it? Oh, please - I hope not. I like the human pet idea, lol. I, too, don't want it to be a pay feature. I play YoVille and they have pets but you have to pay for them; I don't like that. I can't wait for the pets. I hope it's soon!
  7. Hi Christianne! Welcome; I'm new too! You will like it here. By the way - I love your dog! What a sweetie!
  8. [b]Nope, just me. I don't have any prizes to give away... The next person is an environmentalist?
  9. Correct! I just started to look at this and how weird! My very favorite color is PURPLE! I was even married in it (a lavender technically) because I love it so much! The next person is very helpful! (I'm new at this, so...)
  10. Oh my, what a sweet face! You say that his age is why he's sick? Is 2 1/2 years old for a hamster? I've had a couple of hamsters but it was YEARS ago and I don't remember much about them. With a face like that he is sure to charm the angels into letting him stay with you for many years to come (((HUGS)))
  11. eikidder

    Gimme 5.....

    Oh good one... Ireland (again) Scottland New Zealand Greece (I'll look you up South Africa 5 favorite tv shows (this will be interesting as we are all from so many different places)
  12. When our one dog died we found out that our other dog (same age and all our pets are rescues) is stone cold deaf! She would always react when the one started barking. Actually pretty funny. And we also have 2 cats. We love them all dearly and as they are all getting up there in age we are making sure we show them how much they are loved so we will have no regrets when they go. I'm sure all of you do the same thing but it can never be expressed enough. You know you love your pets when you wont go to bed without making sure all are fed, watered and comfortable. Real AND virtual pets
  13. eikidder

    Gimme 5.....

    The Princess Bride Pirates of the Carribean (all three) Benny and Joon Rent Little Miss Sunshine 5 good politicians... Okay, trick question - there are no good politicians, lol :sarcastic: . What I really meant was: Five favorite cities in the world...
  14. We all are pulling for you and your dear hamster. I know what it is to love (and lose, unfortunately) a dear friend/pet/family member (I'm sure most of us do) and I am sure your hamster will get better as you are giving the best care and love possible. Best thoughts and prayers (for those who do pray) are going out to you. I'm new here and don't know you but I couldn't pass up letting you know that we are all pulling for you. I lost a beloved pet almost a year ago (had her for 11 years) and I still have a hard time with that. But I had her for 11 years. One thing that she knew is that she was loved beyond measure and I'm sure your pet knows the same. I'm sure you will have the same long life WITH your pet. What's his name?
  15. Hi and welcome! I am new here too. So far it has proved to be a wonderful place to wander and meet new people. Have fun!
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