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  1. been ages since I've been on here. please go ahead(if you have;'nt already) and add me for a neighbor!
  2. Thank you!! you know who you are x0x0
  3. totally agree with you tiddy winks!! have not been happy with color scheme lately! actually ever since they put the rubbish into the mbs is what did it for me. they changer their minds a lot, and still have way to many glitches
  4. well i keep getting thank your friend. as of now she has made 1500 coins cause it keeps wanting me to thank her lol
  5. OMg.. im not alone! you should read what I posted! someone is making money of me right now!! lol
  6. How you ask?? well, it seems I'm having a P.S. glitch! Every time I go to a different room in my house the "thank your friend for seed and she gets a 100 coins" pops up. I have sent her 15 of these and she has gotten 100 coins from each 1(15x100=1500). so I though hmm is it for just this 1 person or another. so I sent a thank you for visiting(which a lot of people don't do by the way, so I miss out on the 100 coins) to another and sure enough. my glitch continues....lol how long can this go on don't know. but I do know I should be getting some nice gifts on the mail. oh I know this sounds way to good to be true....but it is! Why can't this ever happen to me???
  7. wow!!!! thanks everyone!!! I have not been on here for a while and I just looking today.... thank you again xoxoxo
  8. hehe mine has done that as well. my petlings also ride on top of stankbots head....like in real life lmao
  9. stankbot

    Is anyone here..

    spiders....ewww spiders!!!! oh and crabs notice that they look the same....ewwwww is that a spider!!!
  10. stankbot

    How long...

    my goodness its been that long?? I was part of the old 1, before the accident!
  11. u guys have more patience then me! congrats to all you and you cooking fetes! I unlocked 2 pages and gave up lol. I need 18 more points to unlock the next level. stankbot is very good at making soup!! but she goes over to her friends houses for dinner!
  12. its about time some one whined about it...cause I've been doing it since they introduced the rubbish!! and yet, I buy hopping that a valentines gift will appear, instead I get a bench that sells back for pennies. so you go ahead and whine ill hold the tissues for both of us
  13. its 4am right now. second day in a row with an ice pack on my face!! I'm having a allergic reaction to the crown on my back molar. off it comes later on today. ohhhhh why does mouth pain hurt so much!!!
  14. Chubbs: luv the skeleton Haha 13: great idea for the lighthouse and the volcano!!
  15. they've actually added everything that was on clearance to the mb....very sad i think. the caveman shirt sells more then the clearance stuff
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