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  1. Yes, you did Tiddly and thank you. Can't remember what I sent you, but you are almost completed aren't you xx
  2. Sorry, you were the 4th person and I only have 2 sets.
  3. As you were the second one to ask I have sent you an f/r.
  4. I have some clothes to give away from the Enchanted Forest dig. Pickles refuses to wear them! 4 masks 1 wig 2 dresses 6 crowns 2 sets of wings 1 pair shoes
  5. These are the items I need..........Wendy........Level 52 7 Rocks 2 I Beam 4 Shovel 4 Torch 5 Cement 7 Hammer 6 Drill Will send items to the people on here when I can.
  6. I followed these instructions and got all my blocked games back. Try it!
  7. Is Mimi a big kitten. She looks bigger than my other ones?
  8. I have just commented on the picture on Facebook actually. Are you sure? I adopted another tiny the other day from someone else. I am desparate to start breeding these darlings. Quite happy to put some of my bigger ones on the trader to make room. I thnk I am adopting one of yours already though at the moment ..........Mimi. Gorgeous colourings!
  9. I have the same problem. I will go to the privacy settings and unblock now. Thank you for the advice
  10. I hope you pay well because I have just taken the job
  11. Loving this topic Tiddly. I am quite addicted to this game and breed husky dogs and numerous cats. If anyone would like to come and see my house and yard, feel free. I have lots of Crowdstar cats too, they have stars on their backs. I always have some in the trader, and I also have a completely full nursery with lots of twins so I am quite happy to give any away.
  12. I play Baking life and Pet Society so I have just sent you an f/r tweet40 xx
  13. Just seen this. Added mine again. Hope it's OK. Let me know if it's not xx
  14. I don't know when I took you off my friends list. I certainly didn't mean to. Please accept my f/r and my apologies xxxx
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