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  1. Oh, the Chaplain would be most welcome. It would make it far m,ore special the the Captain. Thank you
  2. Beautiful! Maybe Pickles should have asked you. He has been to a wedding there before.
  3. You are all invited to Pickles wedding and the reception. They decided they didn't want a long engagement. Don't forget to take lots of photos. (Pickles is Level 47..........the reception is in the back garden, the chapel is in one of the secret rooms)
  4. Someone gave me a psychedelic cat which I have bred from if you want a kitten.
  5. I have lots of kittens and dogs too if you want to take a look at mine. I also post a lot of them in the trader without passwords so you can just help yourself. Like the big kitty Tiddly
  6. I have it in my front garden and I think it looks lovely
  7. Tiddly is very welcome, she always looks stunning. xx
  8. Pickles1

    Happy tuesday!

    Aw Tiddly you are a love My day off work today so just chilling on the computer for a while and then going out into the greenhouse to pot on my tomatoes and melons so we have lots of yummy stuff to eat in the summer. Not such a brilliant day weather wise though.
  9. Congratulations............you look great. Pleased to hear you had a wonderful time
  10. Thanks for letting us know Lazar. I was one of the fortunate people who got the tent the first time round.
  11. Pickles has just become engaged whilst on a cruise with his girlfriend. He is hoping to be married very soon by the Captain..........all friends invited to the quiet ceremony. Date to be announced!
  12. I am having trouble loading too. And my totem pole hasn't shown up yet either.
  13. Aw sorry, it's early in the morning for me and my brain isn't in gear yet. xx
  14. I have 2 still in my chest. You can borrow one if you want.
  15. It depends on the food and drink that is available, but he may just dress up a little and ask her for a dance. We will have to see
  16. It might be a blue week but it's still girly with the prom theme. Pickles is definately not into prom dressing up. Your list is great this week Ames, the thing is I have to have 2 of everything and I only had one of the blue rose decor..... (gifted by you, thank you) So I have just gone to the garden shop and treated myself
  17. Thank you so much to all the people who sent me gifts yesterday and this morning. They were all really appreciated, it has certainly put a smile on my face. And thank you Ames for thinking up the idea. Love you xxxx
  18. Thank you so much for all the gifts. I have had a lovely day redecorating some of PIckles rooms. to everyone who sent me pressies!
  19. Oh Tiddly, that is so rude. My gifts from you are lovely and are going into my beach room now. Love you xxxx Sending gifts out between ironing, washing, gardening and cooking dinner. Have also sent some f/r's to people on this forum.
  20. I have more time to do this on a Sunday anyway.
  21. It has to be one of the worst games I have ever tried and that is saying something. I just opened it to see what all the fuss is about the coins and I do have some cash coins but haven't got a clue how to use them and I am certainly not spending them on Hotel City.
  22. The puppy has to be fed every day.......not every 12 hours. I only go on Farmville once a day. He grows into an adult dog after 14 days I understand.
  23. I had the tab until today after the maintenance.
  24. I think I may just be saving a few coins next week. Pickles not really into prom week. Thanks for posting.
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