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  1. This is just dreadful I had no idea how bad it had become.
  2. Well the hackers have certainly been busy
  3. I just love this post! And I agree that Mookie is a little trendsetter. How much does she charge to redecorate?
  4. you have to open PS then on your browser go to work offline, and the game wont close or anything... then you can buy a 500 box, open it and if you dont like what you got, you close the window, go online again and do it all over again. you will have your 500 coins back and you can buy another box offline and so on, untill you find something you like... its a little dull but it works lol and now i found out that it works for trees as well, but you have to have a fertilizer so you can see what you got imidiatly hope this made sense for you Wow, thanks Falcor
  5. Found your room Ames, but the chair has vanished behind the door!
  6. Mookie's room is fabulous..........and she does look amazing too. I have tried to visit another friend's secret room, but it is so secret that I can't find it. Will have to see if I can see Mookie's when I next log on to PS.
  7. I haven't got a clue how to do the 'offline method!
  8. No, not really! They roll over to get their tummy tickled though
  9. I never liked Petville. I tried it for a few days but seriously got fed up with picking up rubbish from the neighbours floors! It was one of the first games I deleted.
  10. Well as I had over 2,000,000 coins I bought a puppy. You can't choose the colour when you pay with 'in house' coins but he's really cute and you can ask you friends to gift him puppy food when they send the free gifts. He follows me all over the farm!
  11. You can count me in too, although I haven't got many poor friends on my list that are still playing. The majority of my friends are Level 42 and above. So if you know of any deserving players let me know.
  12. Pickles would you please check your facebook link as it takes me to MY homeage. That usually means you have copied the link from your homepage not your PROFILE page as required. Thanks I have just checked and it seems to work for me. My profile has a number and not my name. I don't know if that makes it work differently. I have tried changing it. See whether that works now.
  13. After seeing Yawo's new beach room I thought I would post Pickles new room. As you can see he was just about to go out snorkling, but decided to stay and pose in his favourite new room.
  14. It's beautiful! I must post Pickles new beach house room. I couldn't resist that door and windows. How I wished my home overlooked a sunny beach like that!
  15. Pickles is over the moon that Mookie has got her last egg............especially when he has spotted all that cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visiting time after nap is called for
  16. Happy birthday. Hope you are having a wonderful time
  17. They have never been cheap to buy. They are considered a 'rare'. edited by myladyyawo forum moderator
  18. You will find it very difficult to get one at the moment. Most people traded for them when the bubble chairs and princess beds were a good form of trading. Now they are no longer on sale and they will be worth half of what they were by the end of this week I have no idea what people will be trading with unless they double the cost of everything to compensate. Good luck anyway.
  19. I also believe that everything happens for a reason. We have moved many times with my husband's job and lived in some amazing parts of the UK. I would never have had it any other way and the last time we moved it was because my husband was made redundant. We worried about it at the time and then he got another much better job here in Essex and we have loved living here. As everyone here says you are an amazing couple and together you can make your home anywhere.
  20. I moved my petlings into other rooms too. I got tired of seeing 5 or 6 petlings fighting to be fed when I visit some neighbours so I moved mine around the house. The dogs are in the garden, one of the cats is in the first room, another in the kitchen, the lion is in the jungle room (where else!) and the coyote is in the Wild West room. The only problem is that I have to visit the food store more often because I can never remember what they have all asked for in one go
  21. Sorry Tiddly. I was so excited to post that I didn't put your correct title.
  22. Well I have 'lurked' a couple of times in the last couple of days but haven't had time to post. Today I am waiting in for a delivery and decided to have a really good look around the forum. I see that one of my favourite ladies is Admin here (Tiddly winks) and a few more people I seem to stalk are here too (Hi Ames ) I have been playing PS almost a year now. Pickles is one year old on 4th April and I remember well only having one neighbour so that I couldn't buy some of the stuff that people now have in their rooms from last Easter. In the last year I have made so many online friends, a lot of them are really special to me. On a personal note I am Mum to 2 grown up lads. The eldest one is getting married at the end of May in Gretna Green in Scotland. I have been married to my soul mate for almost 30 years. I work part time in a Secondary School as an Administrator and I am also a Complimentary Therapist working with crystals and oils.
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