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  1. with mine there was only grocery and magic sections, and all the petling food was with the magic food.
  2. mm yeah i think there should be more food ^^ i like the new graveyard treasure area though C: i think that there should be like a large collection of costumes or something, like when you go trick-or-treating not all the costumes are scary... or maybe like a mystery box of costumes for your pet! :DD and then you could collect them all.... *o*
  3. hahah yeah i noticed that today when i logged in to :DD but he kicked me out of the top 5 :CC
  4. hey i have an extra Plushie Navy Hat. could i swap for the black teddy or panda plushie base? i don't mind which ehehe
  5. oh wow i have the exact same extras as you O: but yeah. i just need a base, preferably the classic teddy but any if fine ^^ okay dw i have the classic teddy base nao i have 3 extra plushie headphones and sweet shirts, 4 extra plushie ribbons and 2 extra red bows, blue bows and sweet hats if anyone wants to swap for a panda base or a black teddy base?
  6. i change mine a lot :/ its like, a new character every week, according to the theme is that bad? D: i change its colour and stuff too.. sometimes when i cant think of a name I google the meaning I want...... she usually stays female though, i like the girl's clothes better haha XD and the wigs are so prettyy :3 i dont like how the headbands dont fit properly on the wigs though, they're too low because the wigs are higher up than their actual heads :C
  7. im not allowed to buy cc ;____________; but i dot 6 cc from the hotel city thing, i'm saving them for when i really need to change wig colour or something XD but yeah i love the new treasure site i got the blue mermaid dress, the bed and the wig the hat looks so cute, i'm looking for it :3 and i like the dolphin too, but i have to wait 'til tomorrow :/ -sigh- and OMG i cant wait until monday haha school always goes so slowly when i want to go on pet society haha
  8. very cute hun oh wow yours looks so good with it i love the mask (Y)
  9. haha i found this out a little while ago too ^^ i also found out that you dont have to let the whole hug finish, if you know which pet is dirty then you leave it to last then clean it and the money bags will all disappear
  10. TheUltimateK

    ~Please Close~

    hey could i have the rocking horse? and also, i'm new to this, how do i buy... :S
  11. oh wow i have the exact same extras as you O: but yeah. i just need a base, preferably the classic teddy but any if fine ^^
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