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  1. KaraBoo

    If you had...

    I would learn how to drive :p WHat if you 10 cc what would you buy??
  2. I cant wait to get to the gingerbread house! But I'm quite aways from that loL!
  3. petting a tiger...i think lol work or church?
  4. maybe a beast guy whatever his name is plushie! or a potion! transform into a creature! Exactly!!! That would be awesome!
  5. I was just thinking how awesome it would be if they did Beauty and the Beast! They could do alot with that! That is my favorite fairytale! Pinocchio would be so cool!!!!
  6. im completely drooling over your christmas collection!!! I'm new so I cant afford anything but it looks awesome!
  7. oh goodness Im new and I'd love the astronaut one!!!!
  8. awesome! Thank you!! I like this forum it is so much easier then all the others!!!!
  9. oh I already have a question hehe Are posts considered like a reply like what you post after someone says something or posts of something you want to sell or trade or anything like that
  10. Hey you guys! I'm brand new and I love to play PS with my friends! I always need more so come on over! I am at level 19 and my pet is FuzzyBug!
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