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Everything posted by cham2020

  1. got build for tkt ae86 not yet finish
  2. unexpected one ma.......haha....... r
  3. really shocking. guess god of hotwheels want me back...
  4. plus kena poison by G Machines oleh sinclair plans changes but i mengaku i cerita bodoh dulu..hehe...
  5. hehe........... cannot resist lah........ cause 2009 really alot nice cars lah.......sorry if i sound like zapi
  6. it's Fujimi version. Sure Tamiya, Aoshima and Fujimi have the legendary R34 GTR. That is the cheapest, my most expensive is RM 180, a rare Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution One GSR kit.
  7. Enjoy my recent hauls. Thanks to hokuan Thanks to sinclair! Thanks to dreamer_adrian Suprise from tkt ! Thanks to Tom ! And again thanks to sinclair for these two beauties. !
  8. depends lah the cheapest i got was RM 12 but sold it away at RM 15....... yes, the ER34 GTT
  9. sinclair,i have lots of space in my model room. you can consider displaying them all here
  10. time to appeal for all victims of sinclair
  11. slaughter house i thought you whack them using hammer
  12. i skip these tuners car i prefer those normal one.......i have a ford focus blue color and it's lovely
  13. wah, nice lah elgee.......really love it..hehe
  14. well, need any help let me know ,ah pong ! i have more than 30++ build up model kits and most of them are evo's my favourite rally car
  15. Hasegawa Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR Fujimi Initial D Mazda Rx7 Fujimi Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII Ralliart
  16. yeap i am still active. please post you are ??
  17. cham2020

    yiheng's haul

    nice haul yiheng... one of the beetle cup is mine right ?
  18. zint3000, you got my parcel right? inside got one evo vii track stars
  19. Did it quite sometime ago. The base is done using a CD cover, real sands, sandpapers and masking tape.. Car crash was done by smashing it under my car tyre
  20. 1:18 Maisto Lamborghini Murchie Roadster
  21. if i can find more decals, i will take request to custom it for you guys... hehe....... ADvedder will be the first, second will be adrian
  22. and it's for trade but don't know what to offer mr sinclair
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