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  1. to me thunts are side dish if i can get it i will be very happy just like get the super enzo at RM 15.90 after 2 years of its release it might be scalp a bit but.......i don't mind paying extra for what i want....
  2. ish.......the promoter at jusco got ask me if want to keep for me or not? i say no need....first come first serve that is how i score super plymouth, buick riveria before at the same place
  3. jhc7598 i know which jusco you are talking about..haha!
  4. the new rims are hell lot nicer !
  5. i told you i saw it la...haha..but salah beli
  6. cawan, try giant the kimi raikonnen, i bought the old design rims instead of the new one !
  7. It's nothing compare to bgi bosses here
  8. i used to hate dragtor now i adore it....... my cup of tea might not be the right tea for you
  9. so... buy 2 car free one car + this card?
  10. how much is the color shifter?
  11. these are worth buying lah....... better than hotwheels ferrari racer now seriously
  12. another tips of buying majorette rally cars long cards usually have old price tag RM 6.50 new short cards RM 7.90 happy hunting !
  13. wah pydrummer, aku ingat itu s2000 hehe!
  14. i will not donate to him. instead of getting a job and working, he's asking us for free cars? even people that i know don't do that let alone a stranger. sorry if i offend anyone. just he is too bold already
  15. mine this one is malaysia GT version with TAN CHONG MOTORS on the front fenders
  16. OK i know these things i bought a few before . F1 lookalike cars for RM 2.90
  17. this twinbird shops sell console games one, they also sell figurines, matchbox, hotwheels and RC cars... even transformers also....the price i think quite OK lah..the price of super is priced same as regulars.
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