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Everything posted by cham2020

  1. my gaming days are over already.....
  2. o.O so many your first customs? i thought you did alot of customs before?
  3. apa pora pora..hehe..............congrats man......you really someone that i salute
  4. pydrummer. i want to stress that , you are really the king of hotwheels in whole malaysia
  5. adui funny lah raymond.. i can imagine the way you scold him and he said sorry.....
  6. nice one eight ! great idea on the dye mind teaching ?
  7. pydrummer is king of treasure hunts ! all hail !
  8. rikmun, doing customs are not as easy as you think. when you not in the rhythm, you tend to mess up. and if you don't rush, you will get good and desirable results.....
  9. artt, itu skyline saya punya kan? hadiah perkenalan ...hehe
  10. really nice lah ! buat satu untuk saya boleh?
  11. rikmun, you at smm?post your customs there la
  12. fujimi punya takde cup holder.......
  13. bro, take care of the mesh...there's no divider betweeen it......hehe.......... i think better replace the hood la...do one from plastic sheets
  14. don't say jay chou ......he doesn't fit the role as takumi at all
  15. bro, to me take a plier and cut it away.use force...hehe! works well for me...hold the pliers the the spoiler edge then 'ketip' and twist it...then rest you know what to do ..case yo are a modeler
  16. tell me it's lacking what shifu rikmun?
  17. takata, yang ae86 is finish...
  18. my kits are mostly from oversea bought from japan , canada , singapore........some at KL also..
  19. thanks sinclair..hehe...... rikmun, yes fujimi
  20. ok...lets off topic a bit realtoy( tesco ) vs hotwheels ?
  21. wow redkop, it's really texture not just lines matchbox really pawn hotwheels now
  22. my latest build Evo VII with V7 Imprezza WRX STi
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