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  1. i like the first definition. hahaha... nice one. i guess the one that is more appropriate here would be the second one + the fourth one, because supercars do come in FR too.
  2. huhu... i think other brand got those car.. tomica got the sti and realtoy got the m5.. HW got r34 if not mistaken... currently im quite busy with my assignment so i'll continue my work after 21th april.. sorry guys... yeap, gotta make do with cars from other brand to make it complete
  3. too bad HW doesnt have the complete set of cars that appeared in F&F 4 (STi, '73 camaro, ford grand torino, R34 and M5) else will be able to photoshoot one complete set of the cars. btw danoneism, the custom looks nice. hope to see when it's done.
  4. am drooling over the white lambo now... think i'm growing into a lambo fan after i saw my boss's lambo @@
  5. finally some sneak pic of the reventon, keke. thanks bro!
  6. eight, very neat custom you have there love the adidas decals and scooby-doo painting.
  7. yiheng85


    good item, bought a few and got my TH inside now
  8. good bye bro! take care at your new place. bet you'll enjoy getting more nice HW there
  9. great job! thanks for all the hardwork from ray, elgee and the committees in making the club cars. missed the first glance of the cars last night then. the first few pics made me feel like seeing a beetle cup one make race. hehe
  10. same here, sorry can't make it, i almost fell asleep while driving back from work... doing the new business plan is killing me >.<
  11. cool.. it looks just like an original release by hotwheels (with the flame tampo) ^.^
  12. got mine this morning. waited for the shop to open today. and got two more other cars that i have been looking for - new alphard and the yellow swift sport.
  13. err.... u mean me? (look left look right)
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