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  1. sorry OT, anyone have this for sale or trade? it is from 2008 Modern Rides 5 pack. if you do, pm me we can work out something.
  2. zacktan

    ZT's March Sale

    I've some cars up for sale, all are short cards. Cars and cards are in excellent condition. Please offer me your price, the highest offer gets the car(s). All cars have a reserve price. Sold individually. Sold in a set of 4.
  3. zacktan

    ZT's March Haul

    Aiks, content revealed!
  4. zacktan

    ZT's March Haul

    Exactly like a bolster! I should try hugging it to sleep tonight and see if I'll have sweet haul dreams.
  5. zacktan

    ZT's March Haul

    Just received this package, look at the size of it! Will reveal what's inside soon. UPDATE!! Haul revealed! Spoiler: Just some old cars on short cards..
  6. how can anyone not like the for once, world's fastest production car.
  7. how about you pm me your price.
  8. i tot ur aiming for a lambo? or u have separate savings for veyron also..hehehe priority goes to lambo.
  9. Not hard to guess. Lemme know if you intend to let go, am eyeing it for a while already.
  10. it's comparable to AA's 1:64. thumbs up GL.
  11. new haul vw t2 bus and 911 gt3 extras for sale, pm me.
  12. happy 2011! recent haul, one car only.
  13. LP570-4 Superleggera thanks to bro mushr00m for the trade.
  14. zacktan

    ZT's Wishlist

    netmatrix, unfortunately i had no luck in hunting. supermarkets around my house are all dead with HWs. sorry guys, i totally forgot about this thread. anyways updated my thread with pictures and list. pls PM me we can work something out! TQ
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