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Everything posted by pqhd

  1. muscle madness!!! yezzaaaaa
  2. bow down n salute to u, i must do...
  3. ohsem kemah keming nok sebutir... hehehe
  4. pqhd

    Chopped Shoebox

    mr Thorrr never failed to amaze me with his customs..
  5. hi fellow HWCMians...(??) today i would like to present some of my latest custom... feel free to comment. 2012 camaro ZL1 honda s2000 98% to complete hard to find tomica's evolution x 'tomica shop' n not enough budget, i decided to replicate.. ehhh?? this one is no JDM.. Spoiler: this one is tomica regular's..custom it to hide paint chipped on the right side..decided to cover the defect with pearl white finish.. hope my friends here enjoyed!!
  6. kalo susah nk cari plastik card/plate, gune je disket yg dh lapuk tu... hehehe
  7. another awesome custom!! please teach me the spoiler know-how-to...
  8. nice custom! awesome diorama!
  9. u have improved A LOT!!! i was "what"??? when i saw the picture..then drooled .. congrats,man!
  10. pqhd

    TV show A-team..

    my hands are itching to get the TV show's color scheme so, "why don't i made myself" critics only please,let me learn... hehehehe thanx for viewing
  11. great idea... but should name it as EL CHEVELLE double S..hehehe
  12. reminds me of the studs on my jacket's shoulder.. hehehehe
  13. i love the way u custom.... another great custom!!
  14. awesome work!!! nice nice nice!!!
  15. very nice...great job!!
  16. awesome!!! love the layouts at the back of the cards...
  17. pqhd

    pqhd wakaf kastom

    tenkiu bohhhhh....lame dop jupe..bile balik tranung?
  18. pqhd

    pqhd wakaf kastom

    oh..nak ke? wakaf tu bukan wakaf free...hahahaha aku punye 'hasil tangan' ni xde la elok sgt... kang nnti kecewa bile actual x same ngan visual..ekekeke
  19. pqhd

    another Spoon

    nice spoon... now where's the fork?? hehehehe
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