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Everything posted by Speeddemonz

  1. Whoah! Superb haul bro. Congratz!
  2. Shek79 / fablokejw / LSK138: Thanks bros.
  3. Wish to share with you all - Found these "beauties" while on outing with family. Thanks
  4. Superb hauling. Great stuff you have there. Congratz
  5. Wuyooooo....simply awesome. Congratz bro. love the mini ans DeLorean
  6. Yeah...love the VW Fastback. Congratz bro.
  7. whoah....lot of short cards and nice score on the greens. Congratz.
  8. Wow...the Police Pursuit is really interesting...just look at Zotic. Congratz
  9. Great catch bro...congratz. Do you know that the 70 Ford Mustang has another variant. The rim is white with no 16 the tampo. I didn't realize but today my friend showed me. Cannot buy yet....pocket koyakkkk ady.
  10. Walahweeeehhhhh. Great haul bro. Love the DB Penske. Congratz
  11. Hi dreamer_adrian, these are the close-up.
  12. Great 2011 cards....congratz bro
  13. The Vintage and the Garage cars are really cool. Congratz bro.
  14. Wow...RL Beach Bomb....superb....
  15. Whoah...convention car.....the best...congratz
  16. Almost fainted seeing your haul....superb collection. By the love the MBX Lambo Countach. Congratz
  17. Tu namanya rezeki.....all greens at one place. Congratz bro.
  18. Hi all, during lunch today found some of these, a mix of 5 Packs, Vintage, Garage and Basic Cards. Thanks for viewing. Ferrari & Ameriacan Performance Vintage 70 Ford Mustang
  19. Aisey...i only got one....if more sure i give u the rubber..he..he
  20. BMW, Mini Morris and the Delorean must be a hot item when it reaches here.
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