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  1. eh, same thing if you want to do it for wings. i just couldn't find any other thing..
  2. hmm... and how do we know which thingy in the pic will become animated?? and which animation will it be?? do i make any sense??? When you optimize your pictures, the WHOLE file is going to be optimized..so all the layers will be animated according to your sequence. It will just be a simple blinking one..like this: Sorry..that was the only animated thing I made that I could find..
  3. I'm having the chinese roasted pork..siu yok. with rice
  4. To make animated picture in GIMP... 1) Create each slide, also known as frame, in a different layer.. 2) Once you've got all your slides, you are ready to optimize your layers. 3) Press Filters, then Animation, then Optimize (for GIF) 4) You've got your animated picture! 5) If you would like, change the speed of the animation. You see where they layers are in the layers, channel, paths box? There, you will see something like 1000ms. So, just change the value of ms, and you will be set. 6) Save your file in GIF...that's the only one that works when posting on forum with animated picture.. hope that makes sense, if not, just ask me questions.
  5. Grow them in the garden, found on the left-est side of the game, you have to move your restaurant to see it. I think you got them all..you can also look for them on the fan page, where they usually have 1 ingredient up for grabs each day.
  6. I have updated the post, if you are still interested in RC and would want updates, please post below to let me know, so I know generally how many people want the updates posted on this forum.
  7. Have a wonderful cruise! If you get sea sick, go to the main lobby and sit . It helps. Cruises are really fun Celebrity cruises has wonderful service, so just relax! Food is everywhere!
  8. That offer is no longer valid. They had it for about a day or so, then they removed it. It was 25FBC for 10CC
  9. Okay, now the item I want worth 5CC is in the Playfish game called Restaurant City, and the item is called HOST.
  10. uh..i'm confused. 1*999 each? payment sent, dear.. thanks for the trade!
  11. Okay when you open restaurant city, you press the hammer, then press the playfish cash blue circle, then go click on the fireplace, then look for host, 5cc.
  12. It's "Host". Under Decorations.
  13. Sure! But can you send me an item in RC?
  14. CC..49FBC=25cc Happy Aquarium also gives out 5cc. A while ago, Bejeweled Blitz gave out 5cc also. does Happy Aquarium still share that cc? I'm not sure, but it's worth a try! I just got the app played it..for like 2 seconds..reloaded and it's on the right hand side of the game.
  15. I don't expect much cause cash coins are really expensive. Are you sure you want to trade in Cash Coins? I don't really need anything from the cash shop.
  16. CC..49FBC=25cc Happy Aquarium also gives out 5cc. A while ago, Bejeweled Blitz gave out 5cc also.
  17. Cash coins? Uh..not sure.
  18. Great! Will send after I finish watching this youtube video
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